Police Now – New Graduate Scheme for the Police

The Police have designed a new graduate scheme called Police Now along the lines of Teach First. They are currently recruiting 50 graduates to work in the Met, with a view to expanding the intake outside London later on. Graduates can still apply for The Police via the usual entry route.

What is Police Now?

Police Now is a 2 years development/leadership programme for graduates, where the graduates taken on board will have the role of a Dedicated Ward Officer and will be THE go-to person for their own ward (ward = an area of London of about 22 streets).  At the end of the 2 years, the graduates will have the option to stay with the Police, or apply for jobs with the programme’s Platinum sponsors (e.g. PwC). This is why Police Now is very similar to Teach First and Front Line (for Social Work training).

What’s in it for grads?

  •   £29,000 per annum; free travel around London; 22 days of holiday
  •   Quick application process: 6 weeks from application to offer
  •   Responsibility from Day One
  •   They will be able to make a difference in people’s lives

What happens after the 2 year programme is completed?

  • Some of the graduates will choose to stay with the force
  • Some will go on to do something completely different, but always remember the experience of working for the police and will be able to spread the word.  

Application Process 

15th October: Applications opened (on a rolling basis) including online application form,  online testing (verbal & numerical tests) and competency questions on the 7 competencies they look for.

November –  February: Assessment Days (roughly 10) including retaking of verbal & numerical tests, in-tray exercise, presentations, and role play exercise.

February – graduation: Onboarding Process/Conditional Offer – subject to vetting, medical & fitness exams, and 2.1 degree.


  •   300 UCAS points
  •   In line for achieving a 2.1 any discipline
  •   Pass College of Policing medical & fitness exam
  •   Indefinite leave to remain in the UK/eligibility to work
  •  No visible tattoos on face, hands and above collar line

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