Guest Blog Post: Living & Working in Hong Kong with Headstart Group

hong-kongHot in the summer, mild in the winter.  Any teacher knows that longitude/latitude tell the truth!  Here, you can wear all of your best clothing for all seasons!

Only here will you be in a Special Administrative Region.  You will hear people say “One country, two systems”.  Understand HK embraces free speech.  Also understand that HK is still part of China.

Never a dull moment.  From the Chinese Opera to the Fringe Club…to the performers in Times Square to the beautiful lions dancers, Hong Kong is full of culture.

Grand views from our mountains and from our seas.  Imagine jumping into the South China Sea from a “junk” (party/event boat) with the world at your fingertips.  Incredible.

Konger.  That is what you shall become if you come.  A “Hong Konger”.  Part of the scene, the life, the education system.  Join us!

Other cultural interests include:  ballet, local acting, fishing, boating, relaxing, football, sports,

Need a friend in HK?  Not to worry, you can call Headstart.  We take pride in offering outings for our more than 100 teachers each month or even offering suggestions via your newsletter.

Going somewhere?  Hong Kong is the perfect “lift off” to anywhere in Asia. Plus, your teacher concierge will help you coordinate your first trips until you feel comfortable!

Find out more about working in Hong Kong as a teacher with Headstart Group: http://www.headstartgroup.co/ or follow them on Twitter: @headstartgroup1

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  1. Very interesting and informative piece. I live in Hong Kong and I think it is one of the most amazing places in the world.

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