Guest Blog Post: Careers in the Financial Sector, by AllAboutGroup

City of LondonAll industries have their common misconceptions, but none more so than finance. For many people, the concept of working in finance immediately brings to mind an image of The Wolf of Wall Street, with shady investment bankers screaming down the phone while their lackeys run around doing all the legwork. In reality, however, finance incorporates as wide a range of careers as any other trade, with each profession bringing their own distinct talents to the industry. Financial corporations therefore need to hire employees from a broad base of skill sets and backgrounds by necessity, even requiring those who might not immediately appear to lend the relevant experience.

What is an actuary?

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Paid global internships

One of the major brands in insurance and risk is AIG, which operates in 130 countries. Insurance companies are often interested in receiving applications from students and graduates of any discipline.

Like many large firms, AIG offers paid internships for penultimate and Masters students. An internship will give you exposure to business operations and functions and the chance to work on a variety of projects.The major difference is that the AIG offices that students can work at are in the following locations:

  • Frankfurt
  • Milan
  • Paris
  • Johannesburg
  • Brussels
  • Madrid
  • Stockholm
  • Oslo

AIG say “Student CVs with international experience stand out from the crowd in any field, and this is particularly true of our global sector. So students could spend ten weeks working with underwriters, gaining hands-on experience and technical knowledge as well as using their foreign language skills. You can visit our website for more information”.

Worth a look in? Closing date for applications 30 Jan 2015.



Teaching opportunities and teaching people with special needs


Wednesday 11 Feb from 3-4 pm, Presentation by Horizon Teachers about teaching opportunities  and working with students with special educational needs.

There are many routes into a career within an Education setting. This does not have to be in a school setting/environment.

Horizon Teachers provide staff to work with many Special Education Needs centres across London and the South East. These include complex needs schools (specialist centres away from the mainstream environment) and hospital schools (attached to the hospital for their borough for children who need extra support and care after operations and/or ongoing healthcare.

You can also work as a therapist across schools and providing 1:1 support.

Many schools have a SENCO post (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) role, which is a management position that you can go for having gained experience.

Horizon can also answer opportunities about getting into teaching in general. Read more or book  here: https://careershub.city.ac.uk/students/events/detail/531885




Police Now graduate scheme to expand across the UK

If you applied or thought of applying for the new graduate scheme for the Metropolitan Police, you might be interested in hearing how the applications for this this new programme went.

Number of applicants:1248

Number selected for the assessment centre: 197

Number selected to begin work in London this Summer: 82.

47% of those who accepted were female. 16% were from a BME background.

If you were one of the successful ones, we at CityCareers would be very interested in hearing about your experience, so please come in and tell us, as we would value your feedback and would like to highlight your success !

This first application round yielded a very high calibre of applicants and Police Now will now expand to other interested forces across the UK.



Budding economists, your attention please

A quick, but important note for final year and postgraduate Economics students –


The economist fast stream scheme opens on 16 February 2015. The scheme aims to recruit around 80 fast stream Assistant Economists across some 25 government departments for appointments starting in summer/autumn 2015 although there will be opportunities to start earlier. To apply please go to  http://www.civilservice.gov.uk/networks/ges.

Candidates must either have, or hope to obtain in 2015, a first or upper second class honours degree in economics or a postgraduate degree in economics. At least 50% of the degree course modules must be in economics. For those with a 2.2 degree or insufficient economics in their first degree, the postgraduate degree must be in straight economics.

Contact ges.int@hmtreasury.gsi.gov.uk if you need further information.

CityCareers is always happy to support you in making your applications to these competitive programmes. So if you would like to discuss your application, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to see us.


Get 2 week’s work experience at Santander branch at City

If you would like to get some work experience in a bank, then look no further. Our own Santander branch at City are  offering work experience of up to two weeks to City students who are interested in retail banking or the banking sector in general. The work experience does not have to be for 2 consecutive weeks, but can be scheduled round your studies. It is unpaid.

What would the 2 week Work Skills Programme offer me?

A chance to observe the daily duties of running a retail bank  and to be involved in daily duties of running a retail bank. After the programme you will receive a certificate/reference letter congratulating you on completing your Work Skills programme.

If you are interested in the programme please contact Adam Cheyne at Santander City University Adam.Cheyne@santander.co.uk Ensure your email is professional. Explain why you are interested, what you hope to gain from the experience and outline the skills you could bring. Santander is located at E102, First Floor, Drysdale Building.

Don’t delay as this is on a first come, first served basis, but the opportunity is ongoing.



Guest Blog Post: Tips for success in an interview, by Aedan @ReflectDigital

Man And Woman Waiting To Enter A Job InterviewHow can you improve your interviewing technique?


Interviews can be hard, the final stage towards getting that job you need. To succeed in interviews there are a few key factors and common errors that it is best to be award of, correcting these common errors will enhance your chances against your counterparts. To think of a company use a recruitment company like Hiring People  who post a single job on 100 different job board you could potentially have 10 apply to each posting which accounts to 1000 other applicants apply for the same job as you so you need to ensure you and your cv are ready to impress.

In this article we look at how you can enhance your chances at interview, because no matter the qualifications you hold it is important to succeed at this process to earn yourself the job you desire.

With almost half of recent graduates in the UK still unemployed, or even employed in jobs that undergraduates could do – it begs the question why are they not getting the jobs they are enabled to do? It could be simply down to not grasping and executing the basics of interviewing, meaning that older and more experienced people may be getting these jobs. Thus showing how you imperative it is to know what to expect.

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A career as a barrister?

imagesHello again and  Happy New Year to everyone!

It’s very dull and dreary-looking out there today, but I have had some emails from students telling me that they have got the jobs or internships that they were going for, so that always makes my day!

Just a quick post about an Open Day that is coming up Saturday 14 March 2015 at the Middle Temple for Law undergraduates and other undergraduates of any discipline who would like to learn more about a career as a barrister. It’s a free all day event with lunch included and there will be presentations going on throughout (although you do not need to go to them all!), plus plenty of opportunity to  meet BPTC students, barristers and judges and to ask  questions. Only 15 places are available for City students, so book now although the deadline for booking is Friday 13 Feb 2015. Email Catherine Whayman  to book a  place (c.whayman@middletemple.org.uk) stating your name,  email address and that you are student here. Let them know if you need to cancel your place, as demand will be high. Details of the event can be found here: http://www.middletemple.org.uk/joining-the-inn/access-and-outreach/open-day/.

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