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Man And Woman Waiting To Enter A Job InterviewHow can you improve your interviewing technique?


Interviews can be hard, the final stage towards getting that job you need. To succeed in interviews there are a few key factors and common errors that it is best to be award of, correcting these common errors will enhance your chances against your counterparts. To think of a company use a recruitment company like Hiring People  who post a single job on 100 different job board you could potentially have 10 apply to each posting which accounts to 1000 other applicants apply for the same job as you so you need to ensure you and your cv are ready to impress.

In this article we look at how you can enhance your chances at interview, because no matter the qualifications you hold it is important to succeed at this process to earn yourself the job you desire.

With almost half of recent graduates in the UK still unemployed, or even employed in jobs that undergraduates could do – it begs the question why are they not getting the jobs they are enabled to do? It could be simply down to not grasping and executing the basics of interviewing, meaning that older and more experienced people may be getting these jobs. Thus showing how you imperative it is to know what to expect.

The most significant tip to offer is almost certainly to ensure that you know enough about the organisation that you are applying for. With two of the four most likely questions to be asked are both revolving around the company your are applying too. These are “Why do you want to work for us?” and “what do you know about our company?” As you can imagine, they can cause many to stutter when the interviewer asks these questions and you haven’t done your research on the company, it can leave you looking unorganised. Make sure you have done your research and that you know what you’d like to do for the company, if you have a position you’d like to fill in mind then it can be beneficial and make you look more enthusiastic.

Before going to your interview review the qualifications that you need to be eligible for the job, make sure you know how to talk about them and how they might benefit your potential employer. Moreover, be ready to describe any related experience to the job you are running for. Describing previous experience is good for employers to hear, so that they can plan how to integrate you into their work force.  Make sure that you get across your strengths, if you lack experience you make up for it in being innovative for example. Employers will take confidence in you and the fact that you are confident in yourself, in other words, if you believe in what you are saying – they will be more likely to believe it too.

We asked Rebecca Hersey the HR Cordinator at the Kent and Dartford Law firm Thomson Snell and Passmore what the first and most important thing she looked for in an interviewee and she said We want to see a commitment to achieving high standards, whatever level you’re at, for yourself and for the firm. That’s very important to us – a lot of our reputation is founded on our high standards and client service. The legal market is changing rapidly, the successful lawyer in today’s market has an long term interest in the client and not just the shorter term ‘matter’ so we look for a broad perspective early on in someone’s career. “

Aside from the technical terms that we have talked about above, there are other factors to an interview. If you come across as organised, enthusiastic and determined by taking advice from the tips we have discussed already, then you can ensure a strong start and finish by leaving a good lasting impression on your hiring manager. You can do this by dressing appropriately, choose a smart outfit with no bright colours, also keep in mind not to go to your interview looking too trendy 70% of employers deter from hiring someone that is overly fashionable.  Your apparel will be key to your first impression, as will the manner of how you speak and even your posture.  Where possible, remember to keep good posture and speak clearly, articulate yourself in the best way possible.

We also asked Jo Parry form the IP law firm Waterfront Solicitors if she could give one piece of advice for someone going into an interview what would it be to which she replied The one piece of advice I would offer to someone going for interview is to thoroughly research the company and – as far as you can – the people that are going to be interviewing you. If you’ve already considered how you’re going to fit into your new work environment and where you can add the most value, you’ve given yourself the best chance of interview success.”


If you follow these tips then you should enjoy a more successful interview process, and more importantly you might become more likely to be a top competitor for the job you want. Interviews are not easy, however if you are organised and well prepared for them, there is no reason to why you cant thrive in the interviewing situation.

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