Get 2 week’s work experience at Santander branch at City

If you would like to get some work experience in a bank, then look no further. Our own Santander branch at City are  offering work experience of up to two weeks to City students who are interested in retail banking or the banking sector in general. The work experience does not have to be for 2 consecutive weeks, but can be scheduled round your studies. It is unpaid.

What would the 2 week Work Skills Programme offer me?

A chance to observe the daily duties of running a retail bank  and to be involved in daily duties of running a retail bank. After the programme you will receive a certificate/reference letter congratulating you on completing your Work Skills programme.

If you are interested in the programme please contact Adam Cheyne at Santander City University Adam.Cheyne@santander.co.uk Ensure your email is professional. Explain why you are interested, what you hope to gain from the experience and outline the skills you could bring. Santander is located at E102, First Floor, Drysdale Building.

Don’t delay as this is on a first come, first served basis, but the opportunity is ongoing.


Antonia Clark


  1. my son has to do one week work experience in my and I have tried contacting Santander bug no luck so far I wonder if u could help

    • Hi Lynda. The initiative advertised in the blog post was a few years ago now. I’m not sure who it is best to contact now.

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