Paid work in Summer & Autumn with young people on The Challenge, NCS (National Citizen Service)

NCSGain excellent experience for a career involving working with young people like teaching, youth work or social work whilst developing your own leadership skills for those graduate application forms! Need an interest in music, media, drama, photography, sport or enterprise. Next deadline: 31 March 2015, but will recruit again later in the year in Autumn, so watch this site www.ncsthechallenge.org/seasonal-roles

Can I just say that this is a fantastic opportunity – some of you may have taken part in The Challenge yourself when you were 17 or 18. It is a personal development programme that really develops teenagers’ self-confidence and self awareness whilst also benefitting their local communities.


Apply now to tutor English or Maths – and get paid for it!

Enhance your CV and develop your leadership skills by applying for this excellent opportunity for City students.  Great also for if you are interested in teaching as a possible profession, youth work or similar pathways.

Applications for Tutoring are open for the 2015-16 intake!

Applications are open for students who would like to tutor young people in Maths or English for the 2015-16 year. City tutors work with pupils from under-represented backgrounds, from as young as Year 5 all the way to Year 13. Tutoring can be one-to-one or in small groups, and is predominantly for those who are struggling with Maths or English.

  • Tutoring takes place weekly for a minimum of 1 hour and runs from October to April, with optional sessions depending on availability until mid-July
  • All tutoring takes place on Wednesday afternoons only, with most placements beginning at 1:30pm.
  • Placements are at schools or colleges in Islington and surrounding boroughs.
  • Tutors are paid for prep time as well as the time spent with the pupils, and reimbursed travel expenses. The deadline for applications is Monday 25th May at 5pm 2015, no late applications will be accepted.
  • For more information please contact wptutoring@city.ac.uk.
  • To apply for the Tutoring Scheme please submit an online application form which can be found at the following link https://forms.city.ac.uk/forms/41663.




Guest Blog: Overseas Volunteering Info Evening, Written by Adam Pettit, Community Volunteering Officer at City


If you have ever volunteered overseas it is bound to come up in any job interview you ever attend. It’s an experience you’ll never forget and is guaranteed to pack your story repository full of tales that demonstrates a variety of skills. It shows planning, teamwork, commitment to a cause. It testifies that you are willing to push yourself outside your comfort zone and give your time willingly to help others. The fact you’ve taken up this opportunity tells employers a lot about your personality, not least that you’re a motivated person with a global outlook.

composite photo

However, you might find if you search online for volunteer placements abroad that you are hit with a huge mass of information. Hundreds of organisations offering thousands of different projects in a massive variety of countries in every corner of the world.

It is hard to tell which organisations are reputable and it can be difficult to identify a project that is going to offer the best developmental opportunities for you and is ensured to be of benefit to the host community.


Last month, we invited representatives from 6 carefully selected organisations onto campus to discuss their international opportunities with City students. Continue Reading


Change in recruitment practice for KPMG



  • CityCareers visited KPMG this month and learned that the firm is keen to recruit a wider range of graduates including those from  widening participation backgrounds. They have dropped their requirements from 320 UCAS points to 300  for graduate entry.   They are also willing to look at the broader picture e.g. disappointing A level results but a good degree result.
  • Audit  is seen by the firm as a good grounding for progression into their other services and KPMG are planning to increase intake. 
  • The firm are continuing to experience problems recruiting to regional offices (but have no problems recruiting to London).  There is also a growth in audit practice outside of London.
  • Some readers  might be interested to know (perhaps for interested siblings) that KPMG are also changing their recruitment expectations for their School leaver programme. They are  launching a new programme with lower requirements, additional to their current school leaver programme which will require BCC A level grades (current programme requires ABB).  The new programme does not include degree study but does involve studying for professional accountancy qualifications.





Why train with a medium sized accountancy firm?


brebners-220x102A perk of my job as a careers consultant at City is that occasionally, I am wined and dined in very nice settings. My latest foray was to the Annual Lunch for APA (Association of Practising Accountants) at the Chartered Accountants Hall in the City where I learned what it is like to train with a medium-sized firm. APA is a consortium of 15 medium-sized accountancy firms and I visited one of the firms beforehand. The list of member firms can be found here: http://www.apa-uk.co.uk/  I went to Brebners, on Shaftesbury Avenue and met the training partner and a trainee. Brebners offer an excellent opportunity for able students of any degree discipline. They have expertise in audit, accounting, taxation, financial services, insolvency, corporate and forensic work, solicitors accounts rules and expert witness.Be aware that just because the firms are smaller and less well-known than ‘the Big Four’ does not mean that entry requirements are low.  Guideline UCAS  points needed: 280-300 UCAS points, but check for each firm.

 What type of student would suit Brebners?

 Someone who wants  

  • a more personal approach to their training. Trainees will feel  that they are known  from day 1 in the firm, rather than a cog in the system. Trainees will be seen, known and appreciated. Trainees will be able to chat to partners in the kitchen, etc.
  • plenty of opportunity to work with clients and to work with a range of clients including small businesses and large with over 20m turnover per year.

Continue Reading


The Future of Graduate Assessment Centres – Assessment by immersion?



EYRecently, I went to an event to hear about the latest thinking on assessment centres run by the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR). Many blue chip employers were present. We heard how tired many companies are of hearing the same old answers to competency-based questions that are often trotted out by well prepped graduates. So – you can see why it’s in your interest to bring some variety to your replies! As well as this, we heard that although 70% of students attending assessment centres were positive about their experience, the remaining 30% – a large number- were left feeling negative about the company involved. So as employers don’t want bad press, employers are now trying to figure out ways they can improve on graduates’ experience at assessment centres.

A few years back, EY commissioned Capp (the leading strengths-based assessment, product and platform specialists) or more simply put- a leading firm of business psychologists-to redesign their recruitment system, in particular their interviews with graduates, to make them less predictable and more relevant. Since then, EY have operated a strengths-based interviewing approach which  has resulted in a better match of candidates who meet EY’s needs. Whilst I’m talking about strengths, it’s a good idea to take the Strengths Test on the EY Facebook page to get an instant print out of your strengths and skills.  https://www.facebook.com/EYUKcareers/app_219886381467405  Microsoft

Now Microsoft has employed CAPP to change their assessment centres to be much more engaging/immersive. Like EY, Microsoft felt that  candidates’ replies were highly rehearsed. They also felt that they were not getting what they wanted in terms of diversity. Microsoft wanted the selection process to be based on candidates’ potential rather than Continue Reading


Summer Sprint Development programme for women-now open!



Applications are now open for the Sprint programme, which is a personal development programme for women, which will be held over 5 days at City this summer. It is a great opportunity to build your confidence, which shouldn’t be missed. I have not met anyone who has said  anything other than it was a really positive experience for them. 97% of participants say that they would engage further with Sprint if there was opportunity to do so. But I’ll leave it to a recent participant to convince you…….

“I just wanted to give some feedback on the Sprint programme, I thought that it was a really well organised programme where I had the chance to meet and network with some great people. Although its for a few days, it was efficient in that I managed to take a lot away from it for my self development. It has also been reassuring to know that there are a lot of female undergraduates who share similar concerns, which Sprint aims to tackle. It’s been a big confidence booster and extremely helpful, thanks for the opportunity to be part of the Sprint programme” – Vazia Boota, City University Sprint Participant, (Sociology) Summer 2013

Both undergrads and postgrads can apply. The deadline for applications is 31 May 2015. To read more or apply go to http://www.city.ac.uk/careers/for-students-and-recent-graduates/sprint


Think Ahead – New fast-track graduate training scheme for mental health social work

Graduates WantedHow do you feel when you hear the term mental health? Interested, repelled or perhaps uncomfortable? If you are in the ‘interested’ category, you may want to know about a new opportunity to train as a social worker.

In September 2016, students will be able to apply for this new programme at www.thinkahead.org, which is funded by the Department of Health. The programme is looking for students who are likely to achieve a 2:1, with a passion for social work and who would like to improve the lives of those who suffer from a mental illness. Think Ahead is an intensive, challenging programme for ambitious graduates who have a rare blend of analytical skills, emotional intelligence and resilience. Year 1 includes and 4-6 week pre-placement programme including initial training, after which you will work in a team of Think Ahead participants under the leadership of a senior social worker, alongside medical colleagues and mental health specialists. Participants will gain a post graduate diploma in social work. In year 2, participants will complete an assessed and supported year in employment, receiving a salary and gain a Masters degree in Social Work.

No prior experience of social work is necessary (but would be a good idea to offer something!)

If this appeals, contact http://thinkaheaduk.org/recruitment/ to express your interest.