Why is a 2:1 not enough and how can using social media help?

Interesting article here by Rod Ardehali about why a 2:1 is not enough to get a graduate job. What I found most interesting was the comment made by Kate Parkinson, Recruitment Director at Accenture  who stresses how students who use social media effectively can get an edge on the competition. She advises not only following companies, but also using social media to connect with individuals in companies. It’s a great way of getting an insider’s view and learning more about company culture. Doing this demonstrates initiative and  the good networking skills that employers expect.

Last term, I hosted an employer presentation for students delivered by Paul Roberts, Graduate Resourcing Partner at Axa. He advocated using social media to get in touch with companies as a way of making yourself stand out. He is impressed by students and grads who get in touch and introduce themselves using social media. Paul  said he remembered their names and looked forward to meeting them at fairs and other employer events.


What the main parties plan to do with the NHS.

The general election is upon us. This time more than ever, the election comes at a critical time for the NHS and healthcare in general. What vote-for-methe main parties have pledged in regards to NHS is for many a decisive factor. If you are a School of Health Sciences student, chances are this your case.

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