How careers advice and volunteering have developed my skills as an International Politics and Human Rights student

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MA International Politics and Human Rights


My experience with City University’s Careers Service:

The first time I went to City University Career I had no expectations whatsoever. All I knew was that everyone around me seemed to have gotten a lot of work experience during their studies, and with my MA ending soon I felt discouraged and stressed about the fact that I had to compete on the job marked very soon with all these highly qualified people.

After attending the Career workshop on improving my CV and cover letter as advised by the Careers Service, as well as having attended two sessions with a career consultant about what jobs to apply for, I applied for six volunteering positions to help improve my chances of getting a job within my field of study. I got offered all six of them despite that fact that I had close to no work experience. I am now currently working as a research coordinator for Researching Asylum in London and as youth project volunteer and English teacher at the Refugee Council in London.

If it hadn’t been for the advice I received from the Careers Service,  I wouldn’t have had the tools to write a great CV or the confidence to even apply for the jobs that I am currently working in.

I would recommend everyone to go talk to the Careers Service if you are in any way in doubt about your future. They really do help.



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