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Want to know what the best companies are to work for?  Maybe you’re interested in the major players in your field.  We have free career directories in a variety of subjects that you can take away with you.  Our career guides from TargetJobs, Prospects and Inside Careers offer advice on applying for jobs, CVs and cover letters, interviews and assessment centres, in addition to information on internships and graduate schemes with the major companies in each field.

You can also pick up the Rate My Placement Top Undergraduate Employers, The Job Crowd Top Companies for Graduates to Work For, Gradjobs Directory, Times Top 100 or Guardian 300 for more detailed information on the best companies to work for in the UK and internationally.

For Law students, the Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook is essential to get started with your applications.  You can also pick up the Best in Law 2015 for the top employers, or the Beginner’s Guide to a Career in Law if you’re finding navigating routes into a legal career confusing.

Here’s the full list of career guides you can get in the Careers Service.


  • Internships
  • Law
  • Law Vacation Schemes & Minipupillage
  • Pupillage Handbook (2015 edition coming in November)
  • City & Finance
  • Management Consulting
  • Property
  • Engineering
  • IT & Technology
  • Teaching

You can also view all of these publications online at TargetJobs.

Inside Careers

  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Actuaries
  • Management Consulting
  • Banking & Investments
  • The Tax Profession
  • Chartered Patent Attorneys

Check out the Career Sectors section on Inside Careers for all the information in the books and more.


  • Student Career Guide
  • Law

You can also view these titles and more online at Prospects.

The Job Crowd: Top Companies for Graduates to Work For

Grad Jobs Directory

Rate My Placement: A Student’s Guide to the Top Undergraduate Employers

LawCareers.Net Best in Law (2014 available online, 2015 booklets are available in the Careers Service)

Beginner’s Guide to a Career in Law

Training Contract & Pupillage Handbook (available in the Careers Service)

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City’s Law Fair … Not just for Law students!

Two down, one to go!

The City’s Law Careers Fair on Wednesday 21st October will mark the end of a very successful Careers Fair Season. After the Law Fair, around 100 organisations will have attended the Fairs at City, and some 1,800 students will have benefited from this networking opportunity with their potential future employers.20141015_150153

If you are a Law student, chances are you know about City’s Law Fair, and the reasons why you should consider attending are fairly obvious. But what is in it for you if you are studying for example Economics, Sociology, Politics, Journalism or Psychology? Continue Reading


A legal hidden job market right on your doorstep

If I told you that there was a hidden source of legal jobs that has provided the following numbers of vacancies in the last 12 months I’m sure you’d want to know about it:

  • 38 paralegal vacancies
  • 2 legal assistants vacancies
  • 2 pupillages
  • 3 training contracts
  • 5 vacation schemes
  • 16 other legal related vacancies

Where are they hidden? Our very own online vacancy board that you can find here. And why are they hidden? Well, one thing we do know is that a lot of companies that advertise their vacancies with us get frustrated at the lack of applications they then receive. Which is most probably because very few students look at this job board. Which is why you might just want to. If you are one of the few students looking out for these vacancies there is a high chance there will be a very short queue of applicants if you do choose to apply.


Tech students: Do more = Be different = Get hired

Strange things are happening in the world of recruiting placement and graduate Computer Science students. It’s generally agreed that there aren’t enough Computer Science related students being produced by UK universities to meet the demand employers have to recruit them. So employers can’t get enough of you. On the other hand the largest number of unfilled grad scheme vacancies (11.8%) in 2013/2014 were with IT and telecommunications employers*. Why were 1 in 10 vacancies left unfilled? Employers aren’t lowering their standards and they want something more from you as a Computer Science student.

What’s that something more? Two things specifically.

Firstly they are still looking for that golden combination of tech ability and the ability to work with others and communicate well. The stereotype of a nerdy uncommunicative computer science student who only works on their own is a myth and employers know that but they still want reassurance. And more than just your examples of working together on group projects in university. Everyone has that opportunity. Instead look at other ways to demonstrate your collaboration and communication skills. Volunteering opportunities like CodeClub and paid roles in initiatives like FunTech.co.uk are opportunities to teach technology to kids and are excellent ways to make yourself stand out from all the other computer scientists and pick up one of those 1 in 10 empty vacancies.

Secondly they are looking for computer science students that live and breathe technology. That means doing more than your degree. Are you entering hackathons? Are you coding in open source communities like GitHub and online collaborative games design communities like GameSalad.com? All activities that, incidentally, help you develop your collaboration and communication skills as well!

If either of these don’t quite match your own tech career ambitions there’s always tech volunteering opportunities via do-it.org where you can search for opportunities to volunteer in your area under the headings of “IT”, “Technology” and “Web development”.

Do more = Be different = Get hired.

*Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) Winter Survey 2014


The legal extra curricular activity that will genuinely make you stand out – the Model United Nations

Whether you’ve just started your LLB  or conversion GDL or are already a couple of years in to that LLB, you may have picked up the nagging suspicion that securing that 2:1 or 1st class Honours degree or distinction in your GDL is not going to be enough in today’s competitive legal recruitment market. And you’d be right. In fact you can read some articles here, here and here that directly address the issue of the role extra curricular activities (e.g. activities other than your course of study or work experience) can play in making you an attractive candidate to that Firm, Set of Chambers, in house Law function or Public Sector body.

It’s at this point I’d like to draw your attention to a one off opportunity that might fit neatly into your busy schedule and will allow you to demonstrate some of the essential skills required of a lawyer. It’s called the Model United Nations and there is one taking place in Reading from Friday through to Sunday, November 27th to 29th.

What is the Model United Nations? It’s an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about civics, current events, effective communication, globalization and multilateral diplomacy. In standard Model UN, students take on roles as diplomats and participate in a simulated session of an intergovernmental organization (IGO). Participants research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, deliberate, consult, and then develop solutions to world problems. More recently, simulation of other deliberative bodies, such as the United States National Security Council, has been included in Model United Nations, even if they are completely unrelated to the UN or international affairs as a whole.

During a conference, participants must employ a variety of communication and critical thinking skills in order to represent the policies of their country. These skills can include public speaking, group communication, research, policy analysis, active listening, negotiating, conflict resolution, note taking, and technical writing.

Delegate Registration is open now.


Win a place at Proctor & Gamble’s 3 day training course in branding, sales and marketing


If you are considering a  career in branding, sales or  marketing, the Commercial Career Academy, which focuses on a branding challenge,  could be for you. P&G is a globally leading FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company, so this experience is bound to be excellent and a great way to test out if this career pathway is right for you.  It would also look very good on a C.V. On the course, you will develop your strategic thinking, networking and team working abilities. You need to apply for a place and the deadline for applications is in mid December. That said, you are advised to apply as early as possible! If you are successful, you could be offered a full-time position in Marketing or Customer Business Development.

This opportunity is for final year students and recent graduates.




First steps: Your career starts now!

CityCareers wants to give a warm welcome to all new students!reception_sgost-8

Induction week is coming to an end and you have probably attended a large number of inductions and welcome sessions. You will have lots of information in your head, and some bits might not have clicked into place just yet.

As you go into your first week of the course itself, why not start thinking of where you want your career to take you? Continue Reading