A legal hidden job market right on your doorstep

If I told you that there was a hidden source of legal jobs that has provided the following numbers of vacancies in the last 12 months I’m sure you’d want to know about it:

  • 38 paralegal vacancies
  • 2 legal assistants vacancies
  • 2 pupillages
  • 3 training contracts
  • 5 vacation schemes
  • 16 other legal related vacancies

Where are they hidden? Our very own online vacancy board that you can find here. And why are they hidden? Well, one thing we do know is that a lot of companies that advertise their vacancies with us get frustrated at the lack of applications they then receive. Which is most probably because very few students look at this job board. Which is why you might just want to. If you are one of the few students looking out for these vacancies there is a high chance there will be a very short queue of applicants if you do choose to apply.

David Gilchrist

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