Finding work experience for Psychology and Sociology students

Psychology and Sociology, Criminiology and Media degrees can lead to a huge range of possible career paths.  If you’re not sure of what you want to do, this can make your career decisions quite daunting.  Getting work and volunteer experience in these fields can help you make connections with potential employers, gain relevant experience for your CV, develop your skills in the field, and also help you decide what areas you’re really interested in working in.

Some of the possibilities with a Psychology or Sociology degree include working with children in schools, working with the elderly, working for charities that support different social issues, working with people in the criminal justice system, working for a government agency or policy research organisation, and much more.  Many of these types of organisations offer volunteer opportunities, internships, work experience programmes or part-time jobs.  We’ve put together a list of places where you can start looking for experience while you’re studying and that might give you ideas of where to apply as you come to the end of your course.

Check out our guides for Psychology students and Sociology, Criminology and Media students and start applying now.