Why don’t students come for Careers advice?

A new survey from Unite Students, the accommodation provider, looked at students’ attitudes and perceptions of employability and their ability to get the jobs they want after they finish their studies.  Asked about using Careers services at their university, a majority of students said they’d trust their Careers Services’s advice on choosing a career, job applications and employability over that of their family or the internet.  Great news!

But, only 40% of undergraduate students said they had actually used their Careers Service.  We’re here to give advice, and it seems like students value our advice.  So why aren’t they coming in?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why students are reluctant to come in to Careers.

The most often repeated reason for not using the careers service is the somewhat paradoxical “I am not yet sure what career I want,” cited by 35% of Undergraduates.

We can help with that!  Careers Consultants don’t just do cv reviews and mock interviews.  You can also talk to them about your career options, your goals, your worries – if you don’t know what you can do with your degree, or if you’ve decided that maybe you want to take a different path than you had previously thought, they can help you think through your options and come up with a plan.

More than a quarter (26%) say they don’t know where to goor what services are on offer, while 18% say they “don’t feel confident enough to use the service.”

We’re pretty nice in the Careers Service.  You don’t have to be confident and you don’t have to know what you want.  If you feel that you’re not even ready to talk to a Careers Consultant, why not just stop in and have a quick chat with us on the information desk?  We can direct you to some resources so you can get started, and then you can book an appointment with a Consultant when you’re ready.

Where intention meets action most closely is careers advice via the internet. About half of Undergraduates (49%) would like to use internet advice, while 43% have done so.

Some good news! We have a huge amount of resources online, and we add to them every day.  We hope you’re using them as much as the students surveyed are.

Although university careers and employability services are widely used, there are still those who believe it’s “not for students like them”. The average is 7.8%.

This belief is more likely in groups which other studies have shown may be at risk of wider feelings of marginalisation in relation to their student experience.
Those significantly above the average include:

International: 17.1%
Part time: 18.9%
Black: 17.9%
Care leavers: 15.2%
Gay/lesbian: 17%

We’re here for everyone! If you’re an international student, we can talk to you about getting a job in the UK or going home.  We have special resources for care leavers, links to scholarships for BME students, even directories of companies that make a point of being LGBT friendly.

If you’re concerned that you don’t know what you want to do, or you’re not sure where to look for resources, come see us at the information desk or book an appointment with a Careers Consultant.  We can help!