The tricky “Why do you want to work for us?” application question

Chances are that as a student applying for work experience or graduate jobs you’ll encounter the question¬†“Why do you want to work for us?”. Very likely at interview but also at the earlier application stage. It’ll either be a question asked directly on an online application form or it’s certainly one of three areas you should cover in a cover letter**. Yes, even at this stage they want some reassurance you have thought this through and have something unique and personal to say about this. Not always easy when on the face of it a lot of organisations in similar sectors can appear to look very much the same.¬†We’ve put this video together to help you figure what things you could talk about in answering this question. We’re sure you’ll find it useful. Enjoy.

**p.s. the two other areas? 1. Why you (relevant skills and experience)? and 2. Why this career choice/sector?