Assessment Centres in health professions

Assessment Centres have been used for some time in graduate recruitment. It makes sense: candidates are invited to take part in group exercises and discussions that are relevant for the job, and recruiters look out for the skills on their wish list by observing the candidates in action.

In the last few years, Assessment Centres have transcended the areas of business, finance, etc and started to be more common in recruitment for health-related professions. In the post-Francis NHS, there is much emphasis put on ensuring that the new recruits are assessed on values and behaviours such as compassion and integrity. Especially (but not exclusively) in nursing, wanting to do it is no longer enough. You will be expected to demonstrate that you will put patients first. Student nurses and other candidates to health professions must prepare themselves for assessment methods that used to be rare in the sector. But, how will recruiters assess compassion?

Assessment Centres are becoming more common. These could include group discussions around real patient stories, in which candidates would be assessed on to what extent they put patients first and how they deal with ethical dilemmas. The NHS website has advice on assessment centres. Also, don’t forget to check our guide.

Estanis Bouza

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