Guest Blog Post: The benefits of a mock interview

In this post, Nursing Graduate Olanike Akinde talks about the benefits of having a mock interview:interview in progress

“The funny thing regarding interviews is that the saying ‘by¬†failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’ actually sings true.

Myself, a postgraduate diploma student in child nursing knew the importance of this saying from my previous career in Accounting hence why I used the services of the Careers Service at City.

I remember a seminar we had as a cohort about preparing for job applications and interview techniques and the careers consultant spoke about offering mock interviews which is a fantastic opportunity to improve and develop a your own style of confidence.

It was very easy to book and they had plenty of availability. I uploaded the job specification and description with my personal statement into the dropbox and received an email confirming the date and time.

On the day of the mock interview the Consultant proved very knowledgeable in the nursing field and posed questions that where relevant and asked in a round about way (these interviews are never the same but with practice you develop a knack for answering their questions). He analysed my answers, gave pertinent feedback and mentioned good interview techniques such as ‘STAR’ which really proved useful. Once you start you soon realise that 45 minutes goes by very quickly.

So if you are confident in interviews then good on you but those of you that are not I would recommend you to invest the time to book a mock interview and reap the benefits like I did. I succeeded in three interviews in one week and received three offers of employment.

Give it a go and good luck!”

Olanike Akinde, Child Nursing PGDip graduate

Estanis Bouza

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