A hidden Finance career option – Paraplanning

Caspar Bartington (@diskrisk) has been in touch to alert us to a hidden career option in Finance, namely Paraplanning. Which should grab your attention as “hidden” usually means “we can’t find enough good people to do these jobs and/or enough applicants”. A shorter queue. Here’s what Caspar had to say about Paraplanning.

Paraplanning is a little-known part of the financial advice/financial planning/wealth management sector, which in itself is not tremendously well understood. Whereas financial planners are client-facing in their work, paraplanners are based in the back office and have a focus on financial market research and report writing. Paraplanning is a stepping-stone to becoming a client-facing financial planner; it gives a member of staff time to take professional qualifications needed to do the financial planning role and gain valuable experience of the financial advice process. Paraplanning is also a career in its own right, for those who prefer the technical, analytical aspect of a role over client interaction.

Caspar also provided us with case study of a graduate in a Paraplanning career, a trainee paraplanner who works at Para-Sols, a leading paraplanning business. Who incidentally are looking for graduates now.

p.s. you might just want to follow Caspar on Twitter. He always has some hidden gems.


David Gilchrist

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