Final year student or graduate and want to work in television? Apply now for The Network!




A fantastic opportunity is now open for final year students of any subject or graduates who have a strong interest in getting into television as their future career. The opportunity I’m talking about is known as The Network.  The Network is is a free scheme (accommodation and food bursary included), open to all over the age of 18 (final year students only if currently studying) with a  90 %+ conversion to paid employment in television. The Network is targeted at people who have had very little experience in television. If you have done a 3 month internship for example, you are unlikely to be a suitable candidate.

The Network takes place over 4 days in Edinburgh, where you will receive intensive training and benefit from networking opportunities.

There are 50 places available nationally. You will need to make a very strong application which demonstrates your passion about TV and shows that you have researched the sector. You may want to discuss your application with a careers consultant at City in advance and have the content checked over by an Applications Adviser.

The organizers of The Network will be visiting City soon to talk more about the opportunity- so look out for this under our Events and book your place!

You can register for their 2017 programme here: The Network


Antonia Clark

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