So it would be good if some City students set up a Giving What We Can chapter at City……..


If you might be interested in setting up or helping out with a chapter (a specific group/society) at City to support this brilliant charity, do get in touch with Jonathan, whose details are in the post below to find out what is involved. Giving What We Can want to hear from students who are interested in setting up a chapter at City this year or next year. It is rare that we hear from a City graduate who is so enthusiastic about their experience that they volunteer themselves to spread the word – so I want to encourage current students to come forward. It is a great opportunity, as Coralie says. Thanks for posting, Coralie!


Giving What We Can

coraliegwwc-logo-300x289Guest Blog by  Coralie Oddy, City alumnus 2016 and member of Giving What We Can

Plenty of students come to university wanting to change the world. I certainly did – throughout my time at City, I attended protests and rallies. I baked cakes, rattled tins and raised thousands of pounds for charities. It was fun, but doubts and fears quickly crept in. How did I know my money was reaching those who needed it the most? Was campaigning and volunteering a better use of my time than fundraising? How could I choose a career that would make a social impact? And most of all –Was any of this making a difference at all?

Faced with doubts like these, it’s easy to end up apathetic and cynical – or to try our best without making much of an impact. By and large we accept that the world’s biggest problems are insurmountable. We worry about government corruption and charities working ineffectively. In a way, I think this helps relieve us of a sense of responsibility – if there’s nothing we can do, we needn’t do anything. My doubts and fears didn’t stop me from wanting to change the world, but they almost stopped me trying.

Then I found Giving What We Can [1] and everything changed.

GWWC is a community of people who want to change the world and are committed to finding the best ways of achieving this. Specifically, they focus on which charities have the biggest impact on eliminating world poverty and do the most good with the donations they receive. Their research suggests that some charities are 1000 times more effective than others. This means choice of charity alone can be the difference between saving 1 life and saving 1000 lives.

Giving What We Can has the principles of Effective Altruism at its centre. EA is a social movement that applies evidence and reason to finding the most effective ways to improve the world [2]. Effective Altruism encourages individuals to consider their actions and act in ways that bring about the greatest positive impact, based on their values. The London Effective Altruism and Giving What We Can chapter [3] holds regular meet-ups, which are great for meeting likeminded people and discussing how best to do good better together. Continue Reading