LinkedIn – from “I don’t know ” to Invitation to connect accepted!

Every Monday I return to my desk and sort through my emails. Standard stuff. Chances are I’ll have a few new LinkedIn connection requests from people. Goes with the territory of my job to an extent. I’m continually recommending students to utilize LinkedIn and am happy to accept connection requests. Almost all of the time. Apart from a few times. When I’m looking at the person’s profile and can see no connection whatsoever between us. No shared university. No shared friends. Not studying in a subject area I tend to specialize my┬ácareers advice in. And no message explaining why they have chosen me out of the million plus LinkedIn members. So I refuse the request and select “I don’t know <person’s name>” from the drop down.

A missed opportunity. Because if that person had taken the time to tailor their connect request┬áto me I probably would have accepted it. I’m sure I’m not alone. Don’t endanger your chance of a successful connection request. Tailor the message.

David Gilchrist

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