What career can you choose with a SASS degree?

City offers an array of courses in the School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS). As a previous humanities student myself, I’m pretty passionate about how valuable these degrees are for a person. These courses help people think deeply and analytically about their subject of choice. Students can get profoundly involved and even carried away in a great person, gripping theory or brilliant piece of art. SASS students find out where their interests and passions lie and then fervently argue (for better or worse) that their views are the right views.

Yet despite the great skills and passions that SASS students take away from their degrees, there is often great anxiety about what they can and should ‘do’ once they’ve finished their degrees. Often SASS degrees aren’t vocational and as such don’t seem to lend themselves into defined career paths. Moreover, Dante’s Inferno and Foucault’s Crime and Punishment seem to have little relevance to most jobs in the 21st century.

However, this anxiety needn’t be there! Indeed, SASS degrees don’t always lead straight into a career but they are actually very unique in that there is a huge variety of jobs available to those who study them. Here’s a list of ten career options that nearly all SASS students can go into after they finish their degree.

Journalism – Once you’ve finished your degree you will have a substantial amount of knowledge about your subject area. You could take your expertise and writing skills to newspapers and beyond.

Teaching – This is an important job that guides and helps the lives of young (and older) people all around the world. You can travel abroad with organisations like Teach First teaching English as a foreign language or you can stay at home, enjoying long holidays and fulfilling work.

Further Education – Who said university has to stop once you’ve graduated? Why not take it to the next level and start publishing your own papers in your chosen field? I imagine a great sense of self-worth arises from knowing a student somewhere is desperately trying to correctly reference your obscure essay title moments before their deadline. Whilst it can be hard finding funding for PhDs in the arts of social sciences, wherever there is a will, there is a way.

Marketing – There are thousands of marketing jobs going for graduates. Marketing is a very, very loose term. It can mean any number of things depending on what company and department you work in. Do your research and see whether a particular role in marketing is for you.

Counselling – You don’t have to take Psychology to be a counsellor. Every SASS student has been trained to understand different sides to an argument and come to well-reasoned conclusions. If you can lend a sympathetic ear and give good advice this highly rewarding career path could be for you.

Social work – With the skills you’ve acquired at university you can come up with creative ways to help and persuade people to do the right thing. Like all jobs, it can be stressful but the cost is certainly worth the reward.

Politics – This career path is not just for politics students, many current politicians took a range of SASS degrees before they realised they wanted to go into government.

Writing – This isn’t just for the dreamers who want to write the next Shawshank Redemption or 50 Shades of Grey, you can get jobs writing creatively for television, adverts and videogames.

Human Resources – HR can be a very rewarding job for the right person. You can spend one day training new recruits and the next ensuring that employees are being treated fairly and respectfully by senior management.

Recruitment – Oddly enough, recruiters actually spend a lot of their time looking for other recruiters. If money drives you this may be an ideal career for you as recruiters often work on a commission basis.

That’s just a very small list of what SASS students can do and there is abundance of other careers paths out there. The best thing you can do to aid your career as a SASS student is to start thinking about it. Research all you can and get in contact with employers in a variety of fields.

The Careers Team have put together the School of Arts and Social Sciences Careers Fair on 29th March 1 till 4:30pm in the Great Hall. This has a great range of companies coming who can talk to you about many of the roles outlined above and more.

Find out more and sign up here.


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