Success of City’s 2017 Graduate Boot Camp

It was great to see plenty of grads at the boot camp last week! This year we focused on raising self-awareness, including understanding your own values and what you want to get out of your career, plus being able to describe your own strengths and skills with confidence. With all the personalities in the room, there was a varied and interesting response! The grads completed a values questionnaire and a skills audit to highlight their ideas. This went down well. We also looked at some company values on websites because it’s really important to align your own values to company values when you are applying for jobs.

Another good part of the day was when we welcomed back 4 City alumni for our panel activity: Georgia Skupinsky (2015 International Politics, Diversity and Inclusion Officer,King’s College, London), Nduka Ezediuno (2012 Mechanical Engineering, Transport for London), Ben Robinson (2014 Law, Community Volunteering Officer at City and  Arththi Uthayakumaran (2016 Mathematics, CityGoddess, soon to start as an Audit Trainee). They shared their experience of how they approached  job hunting and how they got into their current roles.

The workshops on offer included application form technique, interview skills, presentation skills, networking and career planning. It was a jam-packed day!

Support from CityCareers is available to you for 3 years after graduation. If you would like to chat about your career plans – or lack of them (!) or to have a practice job interview, don’t hesitate to book an appointment online . We offer face to face, Skype, telephone appointments and advice by email  too. And yes….. we are here in the holidays!





Antonia Clark

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