There’s no deadline ≠ there’s no rush!

A couple of students have said to me lately that they are applying for placements, internships or graduate schemes but that they are not in a rush because “there is no deadline”, or that the employer does “ongoing recruitment”. I thought I would write this post to clear some confusion.

What does “no deadline” or “ongoing recruitment” actually mean? Certainly, it doesn’t mean that you can rest on your laurels! Continue Reading


Tailor your cv! But what does that actually mean?

The cv season is upon us!

Tis the season to get your cv up to scratch to win that fabulous part-time job, internship, placement or graduate scheme. In the next few weeks, my colleagues and I will be checking some 250 cvs per week. One of the messages that you will hear us repeating each time is that your cv must be tailored to the job for which you are applying. But what does that actually mean? Continue Reading


Nurses and midwives: these are the skills that you are expected to possess

This blog post is for all the student nurses and midwives out there!

This summer, I interviewed Cathy Taylor, the Careers Adviser at the Royal College of Nursing. Cathy knows everything there is to know about nursing and midwifery, and the chat I had with her, which is transcribed below, is packed with useful tips for both newly qualified professionals and students. For more information about the RCN, visit www.rcn.org.uk Continue Reading


What you should ask your interviewer (and what is best left unasked!)

So, you have been invited to an interview. Well done. Now, you will probably be re-reading the job description, trying to anticipate their questions and practising your answers. Way to go.

Now, in any interview, the last question is always the same: “Do you have any questions for us?” And why is it that lots of candidates dread this one? Continue Reading