Guest blog post: Jaz Rabadia talking about A-levels

Jaz_SGost-49A-levels – they aren’t the ‘B’ all and end all…. 

I needed BBB in my A-levels to study Engineering at university. When opening my results envelope I knew it wasn’t going to be what I needed. In classes I was great at science, design technology and maths but for some reason I really struggled during my A-Level exams. There were so many of them, the questions were tough and the pressure of it all affected my performance.

I had some tough decisions to make, do I retake a year and go for the grades I knew I was capable of achieving? Should I change direction and pick subjects that weren’t so maths and science focussed? Or could I attempt to continue onto university knowing that my grades wouldn’t be up to scratch even though my knowledge was.

I decided to go with the latter and I got into City University, London through clearing on a BSc Engineering course. In order to upgrade to a BEng degree I would have to take on additional modules in the second year and show potential and improved results to progress.

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