First, let’s shatter a few myths.

  1. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU VISIT THE CAREERS CENTRE. There – I’ve said it.  Part of our role is to support you in starting from scratch, deciding between several options or even just going away and reflecting on what’s best for you.
  2. We won’t laugh, gasp or throw up our hands in horror if you come up with a careers idea that seems a little off the wall, up in the air or out of left field.  Believe me, we have heard it all before and we can offer practical advice on turning a dream, however elusive, into reality. Anything is possible – although modifications may be needed along the way….
  3. No pressure. You don’t necessarily have to choose a ‘career’, let alone the ‘correct’ career.   You merely need to get the next step in place, with perhaps a Plan B hovering in case it’s needed.   A career is organic, open to modification and transformation, not something that can be selected only once and is either right or wrong.
  4. Apropos the last point, we would reckon that today’s graduates would have at least three separate careers (not just jobs) during their working lives.  That gives you plenty of leeway to explore and experiment. Given the pace of change in the labour market, you might even end up doing a job that doesn’t even exist yet.

Graduation is exciting, but for many it’s also pretty daunting. Not knowing what happens next is alarming at best, intimidating at worst. So how can we, in Careers, help you at this turning point?Once any student graduates, they can use the careers service and its facilities, for free, for up to three years. That includes attending events such as careers fairs and employer presentations as well as obtaining in depth guidance, not to mention the nuts and bolts stuff such as CV checks or advice on applications and interviews.

We are based in the Drysdale Building, Northampton Square in Room E125.  Feel free to book an appointment via Careershub to see a consultant: careershub.city.uk. If you have any difficulty accessing Careershub, you can contact us via email: careers@city.ac.uk  or on 020 7 040 8093.  Yes, we are here throughout the summer, although not at weekends or before 9am /after 5pm.

We’re friendly, we’re knowledgeable and we’re keen to help.  What’s not to like?

We look forward to seeing you and working towards your future together.

Gill Sharp, Freelance Careers Consultant


How to Network Like a Pro

They say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.networking-communications-events-pr03534693af2d64e1b49cff00008aa896

Second-year law student Christianah Babajide, interviewed top law students across the country to dig out the best and most effective tips for newbie networkers.

Now, more than ever, you will hear a lot about the importance of “networking.” In other walks of life, networking simply means getting to know people but the meaning weighs heavier for law students. Nowadays, networking can either make or break your legal career.

Networking events usually consists of the attendees networking in a room over lunch or canapes, and demonstrating their commercial awareness, or lack of it, to big-shot City Lawyers.

Whether you like it or not, as law students, you have to network, network and network some more. But If you play your cards right, you can find yourself networking your way to Continue Reading


Law Student Help are looking for Law Student Volunteers & Student Ambassadors!

Do you want to become a Student Ambassador?
Do you want to Volunteer for an upcoming legal website?
Then Get Involved with Law Student Help!

 Law Student Help is a newly launched website aiming


Grad job outcomes – be wary of this article

Last week The Guardian published a sobering and interesting article based on research into recent graduates’ job destinations. I am, however, concerned about a possible misinterpretation. They say (and I quote),

almost three-quarters (79%) [of graduates] expect to be in a graduate-level job within six months. But government figures show that only around half (53%) of those who graduated within the past five years are in such jobs.

Asides from some questionable sub-editing (I’ve made my own corrections) I think the way this is written could lead to an incorrect conclusion being drawn. That 47% of all grad in the past five years are still in non graduate-level jobs. I think an incorrect Continue Reading


“To Bank or Not to Bank”, that is the question

For thousands of Finance, Economics & Business students out there, this is a no-brainer – “when I graduate I want to be an investment banker” must be the world`s most frequently expressed career ambition this decade, a bit different from my “I want to be a ballerina or a psychiatrist” indecision when I was growing up. With the economic crash and the fall of the Lehman Brothers in 2008, as well as with the media attention banking has received since – we`ve all seen the Wolf of Wall Street! – investment banking is becoming the holy grail of careers and the ultimate dream of most young Financiers.

Now, I know what you are thinking… I chose City & Cass precisely because it`s in the City of London therefore I want a career in the City… but take a look at these graduate career gems in Business/Finance that will make you question just how appealing those 24 hrs workdays at investment banks really are:

Wolf of Wall Street–          Lidl – yes, not the most attractive brand by student standards…. However, their Graduate Management Scheme pays a whopping £41,000 per year AND you get a car! And if that`s not enough to rock your boat, you will be given REAL responsibility from day one and will be dealing with everything from operations to people management Continue Reading


Tellin’ stories – how to answer the “Why do you want to be a…” question

For those of us born in the 1970s and 1980s the past week has been a momentous one. Chiefly due to the return of Jackanory in which well known celebrities read childrens stories. That’s it. Nothing complicated. Just the thrill of hearing people who know how to deliver their lines in captivating ways bringing these stories to life.

In fact stories are inherently captivating. There’s a reason why the John Lewis’s and M&S’s of this world don’t just produce Xmas videos showing goods in their store and instead try to create an emotional connection with you by story telling instead.

What’s this got to do with finding a job, you might ask? Continue Reading


“Essential first year advice” by Chris White of Aspiring Solicitors

My name is Chris White and I am a solicitor at a leading global law firm.

When I started university as a law student 10 years ago(!), I didn’t really know what to expect. I was a “first generation undergraduate” in my family and had no “family contacts” in the legal profession, but I knew I wanted to become a solicitor. However, very early on in my first year I made a huge error, one that nearly prevented me from securing my goal of becoming a solicitor at a leading global law firm.

At a Law Society event, I made the error of listening to a third year law student who told me that first year grades at law school “didn’t count”. This person was on the Committee of the Law Society so I automatically added extra weight to his advice. Looking back at this advice, I can honestly say that it was the worst piece of advice I received throughout my entire 4 year degree course.

Continue Reading


A warm welcome from the Senior Careers Consultant!

I’d just like to add a really warm welcome to our new and returning students. Plus as with every year I’d also like to emphasise that we are very much your career service no matter which school you belong to. The autumn term is our busiest period – particular October. This is no surprise since we understand the importance of applying for internships and graduate schemes to secure a future. Many of these you will be aware have already opened. Some may have even opened at the tail end of the summer.

Our short (20 minute) appointments are perfect for advice and support on opportunity search and applications. Then as you move to the later part of the term you may wish to take advantage of our longer (45 minute) appointments either for career guidance and coaching or a mock interview.

To help you get off to a flying start we have also put together some excellent workshops (our Skills Session + Plus + series) run by our professionally qualified team of Careers Consultants. These focus on essential topics which will aid you in gaining that key opportunity. They are designed also to help you accelerate the time it takes to prepare an application or for selection.

For appointments and events, which include our workshops please go to: www.city.ac.uk/careers

All the best for the coming year! We very much look forward to meeting you and accelerating your career!


Welcome to our all new Careers blog

Hi and welcome to the all new Career and Skills Development Service blog. Well, I say new, it’s been up and running for a few weeks now but we know this may be the first time you’ve had a chance to look. It also means we’ve already been able to start creating a wealth of careers related posts for you to get started with. So join us in the new term of 2013-2014 for regular bite sized careers information including…

  • Employers opinions and perspectives
  • Upcoming careers events
  • Applications and assessment hints and tips
  • How to get support for your own career ambitions
  • Much more..!

You can subscribe and receive new posts automatically. And you can join the conversation as well. We’d really love your comments.