Careers in Technology Week 2016 is just round the corner. Get ready…

careers-in-tech-posterAll next week (7th-11th November) we have a series of events all related to Careers in the Technology sector. Which ones are a good fit for you?

If you’re wondering what’s expected of you as a tech student candidate

If you are researching your tech career options and even a bit unclear about what’s on offer or what direction the sector is going in

If you want to meet some real life tech professionals and hear things directly from them

If you know which tech careers you want to target but are now trying to get through the recruitment processes 


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Let’s do the Milk round…again.

When I wrote ‘Hot Events = High Demand + High Returns’ back in June, I was a fresher to the Employer Liaison team and I was very excited by all the planning that’s gone into all the employer-led events, which are now keeping City students on their toes.

They call this the Milk round season – a term used in the UK to describe the phenomenon of companies touring universities each year, in order to advertise their opportunities and recruit students.

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Welcome to our all new Careers blog

Hi and welcome to the all new Career and Skills Development Service blog. Well, I say new, it’s been up and running for a few weeks now but we know this may be the first time you’ve had a chance to look. It also means we’ve already been able to start creating a wealth of careers related posts for you to get started with. So join us in the new term of 2013-2014 for regular bite sized careers information including…

  • Employers opinions and perspectives
  • Upcoming careers events
  • Applications and assessment hints and tips
  • How to get support for your own career ambitions
  • Much more..!

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Guest blog from Simon Copsey – Technologist at Goldman Sachs

Simon Copsey – Technologist at Goldman Sachs will be attending our “Careers within an Investment Bank” panel on 31 October. We asked him to provide us with a short bio – here is what he had to say!

“It feels as if I started using a computer before I learnt to walk, though perhaps I just learnt to walk late in life. Ever since that moment I’ve felt an affinity with technology and, especially, with software development.

I graduated from King’s College London in 2006 in Computer Science. After spending some time working with Continue Reading


10 reasons why the autumn term is the greatest time ever

Buying textbooks…again. Choosing modules…again. Hating your timetable…again. Steadily rising number of coffees per day…again. Steadily rising number of hours spent in the library…again. Dreading deadlines and all-nighters…again. Looking for your warm jacket in the depths of your closet…again. Getting up before 10 (or even worse, 9!) in the morning…again. We could go on, couldn’t we?

The autumn term is about to start and we completely understand that you may find it a little difficult to switch from a summer mode to study mode…again. So, to ease your pain, I compiled a list of 10 reasons why, after all, the autumn term does not have to be so bad. Even better, 10 reasons why this autumn term can prove enjoyable!

  1. There are exciting Welcome Week careers events coming up…open to all, Freshers and non-Freshers are welcome to come along! Photobooth, Earn while you learn sessions (useful in case your finances post-summer need a bit of help…) and Lunch with Careers sessions – yes, free lunch every day, all week…plus you get a chance to meet us!
  2. Available on our web pages, there will be a brand new video giving you all the know how when it comes to booking in for events, searching for job and work experience opportunities and getting involved in various on-campus initiatives designed to equip you with top employability skills.
  3. Career Fairs are back – Banking, Finance & Consultancy Fair on 2nd October, Engineering, Science & Technology Fair on 9th October and, finally, the Law Fair on 16th October – come and meet all those employers who have been looking forward to meeting you! Continue Reading

Play your cards right

Recent weeks have seen City University London throwing open its doors to employers to events where our students can showcase just how innovative they are. And I’ve been lucky enough to be a fascinated observer. One example is the recent inaugural Made@City event, a showcase of technical innovation by our I.T., Engineering and Maths students.

Whilst the employers in attendance seemed to know they were going to see some very employable skills on display which made spending time there worth their while I get a feeling some of the students were a bit surprised that the employers might be so interested in them. One student in particular was being asked… Continue Reading


Hot Events = High Demand + High Returns

Be switched on to know what’s on!

There are lots of blinking light bulbs, generation of new and exciting ideas, and fast tapping fingers at the keyboards in the Employer Liaison team, as we’re doing what we do best: arranging hot events and employability skills sessions in collaboration with graduate recruiters, ready for the next academic year.

We understand that new City intakes are entering our doors with high expectations of City’s careers services, so we’re going to meet students’ needs for events that prepare you for the working world, and equip you with valuable skills and awareness of the competencies that will get City students noticed in the graduate job market.

Career Fairs – Book your spot in September!

Book your place at the Career Fairs in Banking, Finance and Consultancy, Law and Engineering, Science and Technology. This will be your chance to meet lots of companies within just a couple of hours in the industry that interests you. Ensure you come prepared with questions and a strategy to make the day as worthwhile as possible for your career prospects!

Employability Skills Programme

The demand for the popular Employability Skills Programme (ESP) has doubled, seeing 100 students per session (with waiting lists of up to 600 students). Tuesdays is certainly going to be the day to mark in the student diary over the autumn term.

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What’s new, pussycat?

It’s been a while since I posted my first blog post about the Snapshot: Your Insight into Industry Scheme, so here is a short update on what’s been going on with our lovely Snapshotters*!

For the past 4 months, our students have met several employers both on campus and off campus, and have learned more about the variety of industries out there: from Banking & Finance to working for an NGO.

There are so many things that I enjoyed about my first Snapshot meeting. Joanna was a very lovely person and was very insightful and it was clear just how passionate she was about the work she does. This really inspired me to have a career in a field that I was passionate about.” (Psychology student)

My work shadowing day at JP Morgan was a fantastic experience and I feel that I learnt a lot. The opportunity was exactly what I was hoping to get from the Scheme so I would like to say a huge thank you to you and the rest of the team who helped to organise the placement.” (Banking and International Finance student)

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What are these Careers Events all about? I hear you ask.

Several components go into producing a worthwhile careers event; a comfortable venue, working audio visual, interesting and inspiring speakers, attentive and engaged students, a good host, an aware facilitator, a roving microphone and something to fuel the networking opportunity at the end.

Over the past few weeks, I have a sat with engaged students who have registered for a series of events organised by careers services. With pen to paper (an iPad or tablet as some preferred) and an attentive ear, students clearly knew the aim of the game and came to gather information to fuel their ambitions with the advice and words of wisdom from speakers who are successful in their occupations and prepared to offer up advice and their valuable time.

The presence of City alumni at these events is invaluable as I saw in the Careers with a Music degree session. Inspirational advice from Celeste Cronje-Doyle (City alumna and Principal of ForeSound School of Music and Performing Arts) and Jon Leong (City alumnus and Engineer at British Broadcasting Corporation) captivated the student audience at no end. The circulation of the mic was a clear indication of this, with many students armed with questions to get answers to help them with their first steps to determining their career paths in the industry.

Modest and with his feet to the ground, Michael Thackray (Independent Occupational Psychologist) speaking at Careers with a Psychology degree, certainly gave good wholesome words of advice to students about the importance of maintaining a good work life balance, and not pitching your downfalls and success against others, as everyone seeks fulfilment from different things.

Students raised their heads when Gloria Yirimambo (Compliance Officer at Willis Group) advised students at the Commercial Awareness in Law event that they should be on the ground and not in their ivory tower to gain and maintain good commercial awareness.

With a beverage in hand and some good finger food, students networked with the speakers quite comfortably. Conversations, debates and discussions could be heard, and in some instances, business cards are exchanged and some handed to those students who have made an impression and have made every effort to stay on till the end and develop their own commerciality.

These events are clearly designed to give ambitious students food for thought, so let’s spread the word ‘Careers’ and get more students feeding off the industry experts.