The latest graduate jobs crystal ball

Every 3 months the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) surveys it members. These members are typically large organisations recruiting substantial numbers of undergrads onto their one year placement programs and grads onto their graduate schemes. The 2013 Summer Survey results, featuring responses from 209 organisations, has just been revealed. You might already have read about it, normally underneath a flurry of pessimisitic, emotive headlines!

Before I reveal some of the highlights I’d like to give you a health warning about both the survey itself and the articles that the newspapers then write. It’s a fact that only 5-10% of  grads end up on one of these graduate programs or schemes. The huge majority of grads in the UK find graduate level employment with Continue Reading


If you really want to understand someone, walk a mile in their shoes

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is the importance of seeing things from the other person’s perspective.  I learned it on my first assignment in my first graduate job, when four weeks out of University I found myself managing a project, working on the client site, sitting next to my customer every day.  Pretty daunting.

I had to understand what their key issues were very quickly: they were paying for my time by the hour and understandably, they wanted to see results.  The approach I developed still serves me well now, 22 years later.  So how does this apply to you?  Can putting yourself in the other person’s shoes help you get a graduate job….? Continue Reading


Could a career in Finance be for you?

A new myth-busting video “What is Finance?” could help you decide.

Although there is no shortage of City business grads going into careers in finance, every year arts, social science, engineering, informatics, law and health grads also chose to make their career in finance. You might be thinking “But do I need to be really good at Maths?” and the answer is “No, you don’t”. Only GCSE Maths grade B – C or above is expected for many roles.

The documentary style video film has 10 sections, so you can dip in and out, as you like.

If you like what you see and hear, Continue Reading


A snapshot of the Snapshot: Your Insight into Industry Scheme

I read somewhere that a poster must convey its message with immediacy and purpose, because people on the street are often in a hurry. The “in a hurry” part is certainly true about City students! That`s why we were delighted to receive an astonishing number of 241 applications for the Scheme (testimony to the good old promotional posters and flyers that have taken over the main campus in the past few weeks)!

But for those of you who have not visited Northampton Square in a while, or perhaps, have forgotten the password to your University email account and did not see the emails about it (no judgement there, I know what it is like), here is some information about what the Snapshot: Your Insight into Industry Scheme is all about!

Although a predecessor of the Work Shadowing Scheme ran last year, Snapshot was designed as a more flexible programme that will allow students to get in touch with employers, and learn more about their industry of choice. Pretty cool, right? And that`s not all! With a range of opportunities such as meetings at the employer`s office, meetings with the employer at City, and even work shadowing of a industry professional, students will get a real feel of what “life as a…” is really like.

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