Snapshot: Wake me up when September ends

If you thought that Green Day`s “Wake me up when September ends” song was all about love – you are right. But what you did not know is that this American rock band also meant: Keep an eye out for the opening for Snapshot applications, 2013 intake!

   This year, applications can be submitted online from the 23rd September 2013         (start    of    Welcome Week – hooray, hooray) till the 31st October 2013! This gives you a generous 5  weeks to write up the best, and most exciting application form, which will ultimately land      you an interview with us, the Employer Liaison team.

So who are we looking for this year?

Energetic, enthusiastic, interested, passionate, and engaged students who are currently  enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate course at City University London. Surely you  can find yourself in this description!

What should you expect during the selection process?

If you are successful at the interview stage and we are absolutely charmed by you, we will invite you to attend a training & assessment day in December – unfortunately, this will take place on City campus, and NOT at Winder Wonderland, but we do apologize for any inconvenience in advance! During this 2 hour session, we will tell you more about us, and expect you to show us what you are capable of! We don’t want to reveal all our secrets just yet, but you will participate in a variety of individual and group exercises.


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10 reasons why the autumn term is the greatest time ever

Buying textbooks…again. Choosing modules…again. Hating your timetable…again. Steadily rising number of coffees per day…again. Steadily rising number of hours spent in the library…again. Dreading deadlines and all-nighters…again. Looking for your warm jacket in the depths of your closet…again. Getting up before 10 (or even worse, 9!) in the morning…again. We could go on, couldn’t we?

The autumn term is about to start and we completely understand that you may find it a little difficult to switch from a summer mode to study mode…again. So, to ease your pain, I compiled a list of 10 reasons why, after all, the autumn term does not have to be so bad. Even better, 10 reasons why this autumn term can prove enjoyable!

  1. There are exciting Welcome Week careers events coming up…open to all, Freshers and non-Freshers are welcome to come along! Photobooth, Earn while you learn sessions (useful in case your finances post-summer need a bit of help…) and Lunch with Careers sessions – yes, free lunch every day, all week…plus you get a chance to meet us!
  2. Available on our web pages, there will be a brand new video giving you all the know how when it comes to booking in for events, searching for job and work experience opportunities and getting involved in various on-campus initiatives designed to equip you with top employability skills.
  3. Career Fairs are back – Banking, Finance & Consultancy Fair on 2nd October, Engineering, Science & Technology Fair on 9th October and, finally, the Law Fair on 16th October – come and meet all those employers who have been looking forward to meeting you! Continue Reading

Personal Profiles, Career Statements, Career Objectives… YAY or NAY?

I get this question all the time. Do I need one of those on my cv? Well, that is an interesting one. How long have we got?

Let’s see, do you need a potato peeler in your kitchen drawer? Some people would say no, since it’s just another item cramping your drawer, and a good knife does the same job. Other people would say it’s essential as it makes the job a lot easier. There’s no consensus. Well, cv personal statements, career objectives or whatever you want to call them are just like potato peelers. Continue Reading


The early bird catches the worm! – For new final year students in the coming autumn term.

Often when you talk with employers they talk about those students who get organised early in terms of researching and focusing on their graduate opportunities.

Employers often have an expectation that the graduates they want (the pro-active current students) will be researching and looking to apply early for graduate schemes.

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How to NOT get hired – just follow these steps!

“There are no jobs out there” is a common belief among students and graduates nowadays.

But is that actually the case? Or is it that the quality of applications is rapidly decreasing?

Or maybe, because there really are no jobs out there, students rush to apply for anything that is made available and forget to double-check their applications?

In this blog post, I want to show you how you can definitely ruin your chances of getting a job, and provide you with some real examples of unsuccessful applications:

Step 1. Don`t check your grammar or spelling – the employer will understand you anyway.

“hey my name is ******** and i was wanting a career in audio recording. and i would like to get a job from you so i can get to know what i am doing in this career i have a little back ground in the recording section but that is at home and i am using sony tools.”

Step 2. “Keep it real” and get personal.

“I’m keeping this short ’cause I’m on my crackberry. OMG, The job looks dope, I’m in if you are”

Step 3. Don`t include your contact details – after all, the employers should put some effort into looking for ways to contact you.

Employer : “I recently received 3 emails for an internship position where the resumes included absolutely no contact information at all. Two of them didn’t even have their names on them!”

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A snapshot of the Snapshot: Your Insight into Industry Scheme

I read somewhere that a poster must convey its message with immediacy and purpose, because people on the street are often in a hurry. The “in a hurry” part is certainly true about City students! That`s why we were delighted to receive an astonishing number of 241 applications for the Scheme (testimony to the good old promotional posters and flyers that have taken over the main campus in the past few weeks)!

But for those of you who have not visited Northampton Square in a while, or perhaps, have forgotten the password to your University email account and did not see the emails about it (no judgement there, I know what it is like), here is some information about what the Snapshot: Your Insight into Industry Scheme is all about!

Although a predecessor of the Work Shadowing Scheme ran last year, Snapshot was designed as a more flexible programme that will allow students to get in touch with employers, and learn more about their industry of choice. Pretty cool, right? And that`s not all! With a range of opportunities such as meetings at the employer`s office, meetings with the employer at City, and even work shadowing of a industry professional, students will get a real feel of what “life as a…” is really like.

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Brilliant way to describe your strengths and skills in writing and at interview

How many times have you found yourself struggling to express your strengths and skills  to win yourself an interview or job? Working as a Careers Consultant at City, students tell me everyday that this is something they find both difficult and time-consuming. One way to take some of the hard work out of this is to take the Ernst & Young Strengths Test. It take only a few minutes and you get an A4 printout which summarises your own blend of strengths and skills eloquently and accurately. Try it!