The latest graduate jobs crystal ball

Every 3 months the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) surveys it members. These members are typically large organisations recruiting substantial numbers of undergrads onto their one year placement programs and grads onto their graduate schemes. The 2013 Summer Survey results, featuring responses from 209 organisations, has just been revealed. You might already have read about it, normally underneath a flurry of pessimisitic, emotive headlines!

Before I reveal some of the highlights I’d like to give you a health warning about both the survey itself and the articles that the newspapers then write. It’s a fact that only 5-10% of  grads end up on one of these graduate programs or schemes. The huge majority of grads in the UK find graduate level employment with Continue Reading


Peeking through the graduate recruiter’s curtains

Whilst we’re on a (blog) roll, also check out Claire Adams’ blog in our blog roll and the posts relating to the employer sector focus groups. Claire is the Ops Manager of the Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR), the professional body that the recruiters belonging to the companies who are trying to recruit you are members of.

The employer sector focus groups happen every 3 months and involve recruiters in different sectors like Finance or the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) getting together to discuss the issues they are having recruiting you. It’s a real opportunity. A chance to spend time in their shoes and perhaps glean some insights to help your own approach with them. I try to attend in person or dial into the ones relating to Engineering.

Here’s a link to the post based on the Information Techology focus group from February 2013. For instance did you know some IT companies find it hard to fill roles outside London? Now you do, and if you know you are flexible on that it might be something you want to make clear to them in your applications to them and at interview. A true sign of inside knowledge giving you competitive advantage.