Crown Prosecution Service Legal Trainee Scheme

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) have released details about their 2016 Legal Trainee Scheme. You can find the full details including instructions how to apply here: Crown Prosecution Service Legal Trainee Scheme application guide. But in a  nutshell here’s what’s on offer.

  • The CPS is offering legal trainee posts to start in November 2016. Pupillage or Period of Recognised Training (PRT) are available, with posts offered in order of merit to the top performing candidates regardless of discipline sought.
  • Candidates must have a minimum 2:2 undergraduate degree. This does not have to be in law. Candidates with a degree in a subject other than Law will also have needed to complete the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) or Common Professional Examination (CPE).
  • Candidates are also required to have successfully completed, or be due to complete, the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) or Legal Practice Course (LPC) to enable them to start with the CPS in November 2016.

According to the application guide the closing date for applications is the 12th of May 2016. If we can be of any assistance to you during the application process here in the Careers Service let us know.

Email: careers@city.ac.uk

Appointments: http://www.city.ac.uk/careers/for-students-and-recent-graduates/planning-your-career/book-an-appointment

Phone: 0207 0408093


City’s Law Fair … Not just for Law students!

Two down, one to go!

The City’s Law Careers Fair on Wednesday 21st October will mark the end of a very successful Careers Fair Season. After the Law Fair, around 100 organisations will have attended the Fairs at City, and some 1,800 students will have benefited from this networking opportunity with their potential future employers.20141015_150153

If you are a Law student, chances are you know about City’s Law Fair, and the reasons why you should consider attending are fairly obvious. But what is in it for you if you are studying for example Economics, Sociology, Politics, Journalism or Psychology? Continue Reading


How careers advice and volunteering have developed my skills as an International Politics and Human Rights student

Guest Blog by Ronja KastbergRonja Kastberg 2

MA International Politics and Human Rights


My experience with City University’s Careers Service:

The first time I went to City University Career I had no expectations whatsoever. All I knew was that everyone around me seemed to have gotten a lot of work experience during their studies, and with my MA ending soon I felt discouraged and stressed about the fact that I had to compete on the job marked very soon with all these highly qualified people.

After attending the Career workshop on improving my CV and cover letter as advised by the Careers Service, as well as having attended two sessions with a career consultant about what jobs to apply for, I applied for six volunteering positions to help improve my chances of getting a job within my field of study. I got offered all six of them despite that fact that I had close to no work experience. I am now currently working as a research coordinator for Researching Asylum in London and as youth project volunteer and English teacher at the Refugee Council in London.

If it hadn’t been for the advice I received from the Careers Service,  I wouldn’t have had the tools to write a great CV or the confidence to even apply for the jobs that I am currently working in.

I would recommend everyone to go talk to the Careers Service if you are in any way in doubt about your future. They really do help.




What could a career in the European Commission offer me?

European CommissionHave you ever wondered what working in the EU would involve? There will be a great opportunity to hear about all the different careers that are available in the European Commission via a presentation delivered by Francesca Manchi from the European Commission on  11 March (1-2pm) in B307 B/C (University Building). The European Commission is like the European branch of the Civil Service, so this will appeal to a wide range of students from all disciplines including Maths, Science, Law, Social Sciences and Business. There are specific opportunities available according to different interests including working in legal teams or within a Science –related area.

For a paid 6 month internship, known as a ‘stage’ or traineeship, you need to speak another European language other than the one you are fluent in, such as a rusty A Level, though you will need to brush this up! Your language ability will not be tested beforehand. The ‘stage’ is taken after you have graduated.

For the graduate programme, the procedure is known as the ’Concours’. It is very competitive  and you will have to demonstrate your ability in another European language.

In both cases, you will work in either Brussels or Luxembourg.

Students can register to attend this presentation here: https://careershub.city.ac.uk/students/events/detail/538860



Interested in a Politics, Public Affairs and Communications internship?

Then a current internship vacancy at Portland may interest you. They are looking for a final year student  who is  interested in gaining experience in Public Relations as they specialise in reputation management. The role willl include political intelligence gathering and would suit someone with a strong interest in elections and  campaigns. Read more here: http://www.portland-communications.com/jobs/internship-corporate-communications-and-public-affairs-team/


Civil Service Summer Diversity Scheme 2014 – for students from minority ethnic groups OR underepresented socio-economic groups

Interested in government and politics? Like to get a taste of what it might be like to work as a high-powered civil servant? Then you might like to apply for the Civil Service Summer Diversity Scheme which prepares you to compete more effectively for a place on the highly prestigious Fast Track Civil Service Graduate Scheme. The Fast Track programme leads to a careers in departments such as health, the environment, education, transport, the economy, justice, industry, agriculture, defence, welfare, taxation and  overseas development.

Vital Statistics

Recruiters for the Diversity Scheme have recently told us how disappointed they are with the very low numbers of applicants from City students.  They received only 7 applications from City students last year and there are at least 162 places available.

What advantages would a 6-9 week Summer Diversity placement give me?

The Civil Service Summer Diversity Scheme  can help you to win a place on exceptionally competitive Civil Service graduate scheme known as Fast Track by providing you with  relevant wiork experience.  During the internship, you would also be  provided with a Fast Track buddy who will support your through the Fast Track application process. On the Diversity Scheme, you will be placed in a government department where you will be involved in stretching and challenging project-related work, including research, supporting projects, assisting on policy documents, shadowing senior civil servants and attending critical meetings with senior advisors on major issues. There is a training allowance in London of £350 pw. Continue Reading