Guest Blog Post: The benefits of a mock interview

In this post, Nursing Graduate Olanike Akinde talks about the benefits of having a mock interview:interview in progress

“The funny thing regarding interviews is that the saying ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’ actually sings true.

Myself, a postgraduate diploma student in child nursing knew the importance of this saying from my previous career in Accounting hence why I used the services of the Careers Service at City. Continue Reading


Assessment Centres in health professions

Assessment Centres have been used for some time in graduate recruitment. It makes sense: candidates are invited to take part in group exercises and discussions that are relevant for the job, and recruiters look out for the skills on their wish list by observing the candidates in action.

In the last few years, Assessment Centres have transcended the areas of business, finance, etc and started to be more common in recruitment for health-related professions. Continue Reading


What the main parties plan to do with the NHS.

The general election is upon us. This time more than ever, the election comes at a critical time for the NHS and healthcare in general. What vote-for-methe main parties have pledged in regards to NHS is for many a decisive factor. If you are a School of Health Sciences student, chances are this your case.

Who will you give your vote to? Continue Reading


Nurses and midwives: these are the skills that you are expected to possess

This blog post is for all the student nurses and midwives out there!

This summer, I interviewed Cathy Taylor, the Careers Adviser at the Royal College of Nursing. Cathy knows everything there is to know about nursing and midwifery, and the chat I had with her, which is transcribed below, is packed with useful tips for both newly qualified professionals and students. For more information about the RCN, visit www.rcn.org.uk Continue Reading


Recruiting nurses in the post-Francis NHS

After high mortality rates were registered in Stafford hospital in 2008, a full investigation and public enquiry were carried out. The outcome of the latter, The Francis Report, was published earlier this year, telling a grim story of negligence and unaccountability. Of course the appalling standards of practice displayed by nurses then are not generalised. However, no-one can deny that the public eye is, more than ever, on the nursing profession, and that the Francis Report will have an impact on how nurses are recruited. Continue Reading