Now you can train straight away as a Police Detective with The Met!

A new graduate scheme is being promoted by the Metropolitan Police called the External Entry Detective Constable programme. Graduates (including recent graduates) will go straight into the role as a Detective Constable without the traditional requirements of working in uniform for two years and progressing through the ranks. Starting pay is £28 000.  The programme is awaiting Policing Education Qualification Framework (PEQF) accreditation, which will be mandatory for new recruits by 2020. The Met hope the new programme will create a new, younger and diverse workplace.

The application process is in 2 stages.

Stage 1

Applicants must have resided in London for at least 3 out of the past 6 years and must  hold a level 6 qualification (any discipline).

Verbal reasoning test if you pass application stage.

One day assessment centre incorporating police and detective competency tests.

Medical, fitness test and person/family vetting.

Pre-join knowledge learning and self-assessment. After completing Stage 1, there will be further assessments including mandatory training, National Investigator exams and passing 2 years of probation.

Prior to starting work, there is an 18 week training period including 3 knowledge exams, 3 role plays and 2 written assessments. Candidates will have 3 to 4 months of working in their boroughs to put their skills into practice before being entered for their first national investigators exams (PIP 1).Then candidates will  take a 7 week detective course which includes 5 assessments and then will re-join their borough to undertake further development and work towards the second national investigators exam (PIP2).

There will be two intakes, the first being on or around the end of May/Beginning of June and the second being early September. About  80 trainees per cohort.

As well as this, don’t forget the Police Now graduate scheme, which is different. Graduates can also join the force in the usual way, as a non-graduate trainee.



City’s Law Fair … Not just for Law students!

Two down, one to go!

The City’s Law Careers Fair on Wednesday 21st October will mark the end of a very successful Careers Fair Season. After the Law Fair, around 100 organisations will have attended the Fairs at City, and some 1,800 students will have benefited from this networking opportunity with their potential future employers.20141015_150153

If you are a Law student, chances are you know about City’s Law Fair, and the reasons why you should consider attending are fairly obvious. But what is in it for you if you are studying for example Economics, Sociology, Politics, Journalism or Psychology? Continue Reading


Think Ahead – New fast-track graduate training scheme for mental health social work

Graduates WantedHow do you feel when you hear the term mental health? Interested, repelled or perhaps uncomfortable? If you are in the ‘interested’ category, you may want to know about a new opportunity to train as a social worker.

In September 2016, students will be able to apply for this new programme at www.thinkahead.org, which is funded by the Department of Health. The programme is looking for students who are likely to achieve a 2:1, with a passion for social work and who would like to improve the lives of those who suffer from a mental illness. Think Ahead is an intensive, challenging programme for ambitious graduates who have a rare blend of analytical skills, emotional intelligence and resilience. Year 1 includes and 4-6 week pre-placement programme including initial training, after which you will work in a team of Think Ahead participants under the leadership of a senior social worker, alongside medical colleagues and mental health specialists. Participants will gain a post graduate diploma in social work. In year 2, participants will complete an assessed and supported year in employment, receiving a salary and gain a Masters degree in Social Work.

No prior experience of social work is necessary (but would be a good idea to offer something!)

If this appeals, contact http://thinkaheaduk.org/recruitment/ to express your interest.