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AstraZeneca: Insider Trading Bonanza???


As news spread of Pfizer’s initial approach to AstraZeneca in January 2014 offering a 30% premium I couldn’t resist taking a look at the movement of AZ shares and there was quite an increase in price in January.  Just the market?  Sudden excitement over AZ?  The lack of an AZ board announcement will certainly be questioned, but it looks like a dead certainty that many a regulator and lawyer will be very busy.

Author: Peter Hahn

Following 20+ years in banking, Pete Hahn entered the PhD programme at Cass Business School in 2004. He was awarded a fellowship in 2007, a PhD in 2008, and joined the Faculty of Finance on a full-time basis in 2009. Pete teaches Bank Strategy, Bank Management, Corporate Finance, and Principles of Finance to Undergraduates, MBAs, and Executives. He is also a consultant to regulators and banks and regularly appears for questioning before Parliamentary bodies. Dr Hahn has been interviewed by the BBC more than 300 times.

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