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Meet the Cass MBA Full-Time Class of 2016

This September, 74 students began their 12 month Full-time MBA journey at Cass Business School. In the year ahead, students will encounter unique experiences like no other, challenging themselves to become tomorrow’s key decision makers and business leaders. The Cass Full-time MBA is designed to help our students realise their potential. The programme develops business skills and experience, providing students with the confidence, knowledge and networks to achieve their career ambitions.

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Our newly recruited Full-time students come from a range of sectors including financial services, engineering and real estate to name a few.  Students have joined us from across the globe, some with experience running their own businesses and others having worked for large multi-national  brands such as, PwC, Barclays, Mintel, Amazon, NHS, Shell, HSBC, IBM, HM Armed Forces and The Bank of China amongst others.

The cohort consists of 28 nationalities, with an average age of 30 years. Between them they have an average work experience of six years making this an experienced and talented group. Female students make up 36% of this year’s group  and we are proud of the diversity from which we have recruited.

At the beginning of their journey students spent the first two weeks of induction undertaking a range of exercises and career workshops to develop skills that prepare them for the year ahead. These workshops allow students to develop soft skills such as, presenting, negotiating and personal impact and more. In addition, a mind mapping exercise is designed to help students uncover personality traits of themselves and their peers. Not only does this help students get to know their classmates better,  it also reveals areas in which they excel at or in some cases qualities they didn’t even realise they had!

“The most intriguing part of the week was receiving my mind mapping results, I was surprised by certain strengths and weaknesses relating to my personal relationships and work performance.  For example, I normally prefer the support role in a group, but I was surprised to see that it is in my potential to lead should the situation arises.” Margaret Liu Full-time MBA 2016

Our Full-time MBAs were given further opportunity to get to know one another when they explored London completing various fun challenges as part of a team building day and later an induction dinner with Cass MBA staff and faculty.

At the end of induction,  a lesson in leadership from Honorary visiting Professor and Chilean Mountaineer, Professor Rodrigo Jordán, gave our MBAs a taste of what is to come in an interactive session discussing leadership challenges and the importance of smart decision making.

New Full-time MBA student, Refilwe Maluleke reflected on the first few weeks of her MBA

“it was a valuable opportunity to learn more about myself and my cohort through personality, psychometric and strength testing. It was an opportunity to get a feel of the dynamic teaching style and exciting content we will work with. It was an opportunity to build business fundamentals like teamwork, presenting and networking skills. It was an opportunity to really think about what we want to get out of the next 12 months”. 

Download the class directory and find out more about each of our Full-time MBA students.


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It was probably the 9th day in when we all received a mail by our course officer and it said “You have already received your textbook. If you look through the course outline on the online page, you will see the required reading for each class.” Nobody realised what that single mail meant.

This moment meant the start of “it”, it what we all knew but had kept it in the background till now, “it” the one we are here for and “it” the one which will take us on to our paths from here on.

College will not be the same from here on, 4:48 PM 13th September 2016 marked the moment where we were supposed to stop partying and start studying.

But again as we are and have evolved from the quadrupeds, to homo-erectus to now homo-sapiens, we procrastinated and left it for future.

But our course officer had one great quality in him – PERSISTENCE- he sent another mail about a book and an assignment, frowns were seen all across the class and people were flocking the course office to get the book, probably like young school children getting excited on buying new books at the start of an academic career. But as all young school children that excitement lasted 2 more mails with books that went thicker with each assignment.


We literate, specialists in our respective fields were a bit taken aback with how quick this moment arrived and how we just switched from gathering in the local pub to booking study rooms.

What is most astonishing is the accessibility to faculty and staff. Our class was invited to the welcome night hosted by the MBA faculty and MBA staff, which happened to be on the date of my birthday 10th September 2016. It was an environment where we were meeting our professors, careers counsellors and marketing managers. With whom we will be working for next year. It creates an environment where the college becomes your home and people there… family members.


MBA Schools or B Schools as we say, will not give you theories on theories on theories, they will give you real-life lessons that will shape your thinking , behaviour and above all, make you a better human prepared to face new challenges and goals.

This has been the summary of our first fortnight at Cass and it has been enriching to say the least.

Keep reading this space as we keep discovering our deep abyss.



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