The first step taken, first step towards the next term, first step towards the careers, first step towards 2017 and first step towards life as we would know after the MBA.

Referencing (yes, now as academicians we are supposed to reference everything) back to something that we studied in Organisational Behaviour, about how people come together from a crowd to form groups and eventually teams. Prior to  5th September 2016, we only knew each other as digital profiles on Linkedin or Facebook, but after studying, being in the same lounge, having beers and practically living with each other we can say that we have grown into a big team.

The first step in the academic sense means Block 1 & 2 , each block has three subjects and somehow, subjects  are inter-related to each other. When you hear the same business case being discussed in three different lectures by three different lecturers, you start to fathom the research that has been gone into framing the course and coursework, and every bit of knowledge falls down as a big piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

In each block you are introduced to three completely different teaching styles, which complement each other and you get to meet lecturers from outright rock stars to great administrators, from mavericks of academia to wizards of analytics.

Plus, did I mention it all goes like the flash of light? Yes, because while lectures take 20% of college time, the remaining 80% is for assignments, course work and the super interesting integration week at the end of each block, well integration week is exactly what it sounds like.

That’s it for the studies part of this post, let me take you through the journey of the life of an MBA student. Beyond studies is the networking, internal, external, inter planetary, you name it we do it. If you are not a networking genius by the end of this term you are made into one, through a series of learning sessions, delivered by internal coaches and external consultants. Consultants that hand hold Board Members, CEO’s and Heads of States; yes they are very crafty and practical people.

If that was not enough, we were taken for a week-long Leadership Enhancement course at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. The only business school in the world to do so. It was a special experience being in a new group and with new, non-academic challenges that push your creative boundaries and leadership capabilities. You get to know what are you made of and how you react to adverse situations.

Being at Cass gives you every bit of opportunity to stand out of the crowd, one such opportunity was the Tallow Chandler’s Cass MBA Challenge, it was an opportunity for the entire class to present a solution to a current Macro Economic situation with a Micro Economic outlook . While it gave us a great way to look into an industry which has been the bedrock of modern economy, at the same time, it also gave us the opportunity to showcase our presentation skills to senior executives from BP and Fosfa; my group came second in the challenge, a proud moment for each of us.

The end of Term 1 was intense, challenging & rewarding. (This style of oration is known as Power of 3 – again, from our external coach in presentation skills)

In the hope that Block 3 & 4 will bring many more challenges and rewarding experiences, I sign off today so that I can go forth for another networking meeting.

But before that, let me congratulate Cass for :-

  1. No.1 in One Year Full Time MBA in London – FT MBA Rankings 2017
  2. No.1 Globally in Corporate Strategy – FT MBA Rankings 2017
  3. Best value for money MBA Globally

And many congratulations for completing 50 Years since inception.

Yours Truly