I have to take a deep breathe as I just started my first module of Accounting & Finance and it has turned out to be beyond my expectations!

We all felt the challenge to deal with numbers and terms that are very new to us but I guess it’s just beyond that.

I really loved the fact that I can now look at the figures in these financial statements from different perspectives. A perspective that is wide and intuitive. Something I found so beneficial and new is being able to understand the soul of a business and link it to it’s strategy.

The workshop was interactive and the approach of Professor Danielle Lyssimachou was just right. I really appreciate the flow of the information and the sequence of going from the basic intuition to the high level goal of the module.

What I need to do now is go ahead and reflect this in my own work and business and to see how I can elevate the performance of the business support division that reports to me. I feel I can adjust many things now; the reports that I generate to management and shareholders will be prepared in a different way that addresses these kinds of stakeholders. Also, I grasped enough knowledge to decide on things or support my boss in providing relevant data to help them make more appropriate decisions.

Moreover, the cohort is so amazing and diverse. We share this experience, we learn how things are happening in different industries and this experience has widened our horizons dramatically from just the first week of work and a single module. This has built up my excitement going forwards.

Another challenge is to work as a team to prepare for the assignment. It’s  not only about the product that we will submit, but more importantly, the way we have to work together and the way to interact as a team. Being a leader or a follower is another behavior that we will learn throughout.  I am learning how to reap the benefits of this opportunity; to build different expertise and skills in different areas, splitting the work in a very efficient way to ultimately arrive at the final best product is something vital for all of us and will add to our experience through the programme.

I’m feeling very positive and confident we will all have a great experience and look forward to enjoying the course ahead.

Lawra Hasayen
Dubai Executive MBA (2019)