The last six months has flown by and I can’t believe that I have started block two of my Modular Executive MBA!  Everyone is feeling more assured that they know what to expect in terms of reading, coursework and exams.  As a cohort, we have bonded making it feel like I have 39 friends that I can count on to support me, have fun with and stretch me academically. Cass seems to have some magic formula or perhaps the equivalent of the ‘sorting hat’ from Harry Potter that enables them to attract and bring together exceptional individuals who complement each other.

After, what feels like a long break since exams, we launch into block two on a high and with much to look forward to. We have been informed that the 2017 Modular MBA cohort will be in Vietnam for our consulting week in March 2018. As part of the consulting week, Cass is offering students an optional professional development opportunity – a leadership expedition day in Sa Pa. The aim is to build and test our resilience, determination, collaboration and personal leadership: all of which are sought-after qualities in MBA graduates. The consulting week is a highlight that we are all looking forward to; and many of us have also put ourselves forward for the leadership expedition to test ourselves outside of an office environment. Personally, I can’t wait to immerse myself in this experience.

But coming back down to earth and block two itself. The first two modules, Human Resources Management and Business Economies dive straight to the heart of what makes organisations successful. Understanding the people – any firm’s most important resource – exposing us to economic principles that shape competition and firm performance in the marketplace.

David Macleod gave a compelling account of employee engagement as a way of improving a firm’s performance

Professor Nick Bacon organised three visiting speakers who gave fascinating insights into some of the fundamental components of managing people: David Macleod gave a compelling account of employee engagement as a way of improving a firm’s performance; Linda Holbeche illustrated linkages between HR to Business Strategy; and Marc Meryon introduced how to manage industrial relations.  Three eminent speakers in their field added depth to this module that you cannot achieve from a text book.


Linda Holbeche illustrated linkages between HR and Business Strategy

In Business Economics, Professor Andres Hervas-Drane brought to life concepts around prices and perfect competition by getting everyone involved in pit market trading. Simulating a scenario where some of us were sellers and others were buyers led to organised chaos with hardcore negotiations and deal making to rival the traders at the London Stock Exchange.  More fundamentally we experienced how the firm determines the market price.

Marc Meryon introduced how to manage industrial relations

November takes us to Corporate Strategy and Corporate Finance, both of which build on modules in block one. With more guest speakers and an interesting syllabus to look forward to: roll on next month I say.


Radhika Narasinkan
Modular Executive MBA (2019)