“President, I have the honour to present for the award of an Executive Masters in Business Administration… … Dominic Graham” my name was read out as I ascended the stage to in turn shake the hands of the Lord Mayor of London, the Dean of Cass Business School, and collect the certificate of my graduation as an Executive MBA.

While a climb of a mere five steps, it evoked the summiting of Everest. Doing so in the company of my cohort, and witnessed by family, friends, and fellow graduates from City, University of London, made it all the more momentous, and a fitting recognition of a significant milestone.

Nearly three years since I began my MBA journey, and what an adventure it’s been: travelling as far afield as Chile, China, Dubai, and Las Vegas; learning about everything from accounting, analytics and HR, through to corporate strategy and M&A from some of the world’s leading experts in their fields. Not to mention my MBA colleagues with whom I’ve worked to deliver innovative and exciting coursework assignments including designing a casino for Las Vegas Strip (it was Formula 1 themed), and redesigning operations and marketing strategy for a zipper manufacturer.

Looking back now, time has flown by so fast, and it’s almost surreal how much I’ve learned and experienced during the process – truly the adventure of a lifetime, and which is already helping me to pursue career opportunities. But most of all it was the people that made the difference, from the friendships forged with my fellow MBAs, to the Cass academic staff and team, who have designed and delivered such an extraordinary experience for us. You have all helped to make this a life-changing experience, and I close this chapter with fond memories of the times we’ve shared.

And speaking of Everest, as a member of the Cass MBA Expeditionary Society, our challenge is to climb the 8,800 meters, or so, height of Everest between our collective expeditions in 2018. And thus, the adventure continues, as I look forward to ever more peaks to scale!


Dominic Graham de Montrose
Executive MBA (2017)