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The World is Changing: The Shipping, Trade and Finance and London Biennial

It was with great excitement that I attended the 35th Anniversary of the Costas Grammenos Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance combined with the 9th City of London Biennial Meeting alongside my fellow MSc Shipping, Trade and Finance students.


This year’s conference fell under the theme “The world is changing”. Shipping business leaders, policy-makers and senior academics gathered at the International Maritime Organisation from 6th – 8th November for this event, which gave us the opportunity to interact with them and gain real-world insights.

I volunteered on the first day of the event— meeting and handing out flyers to delegates and alumni, many of whom had travelled in to London from all over the world (judging by their suitcases!)


90 distinguished speakers shared their views about the changes in maritime and energy sectors. Sessions included: World Economy; Banking and Finance; Investments; Oil and Other Forms of Energy; LNG Trade and Shipping; Environment and Regulations; Technology and Innovation; Dry and Tanker Market; Banking, Capital Markets and Private Equity.

The conference began at 9am. Professor Costas Grammenos, Biennial Founder and Founding Chairman of the eponymous Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance, opened proceedings by reflecting on the Centre’s outstanding work over the past 35 years. He said, “All our graduates are simply our students who are our high flyers, they look ahead and they look high and as we say here, he or she is ‘one of us’. But ultimately our students are our most precious product.”

Attending opened my mind to many new concepts— the maritime and energy sectors are undergoing rapid changes, we need to keep up our pace with the times and have confidence in the market.

Attending this event is a great motivation for us as current MSc Shipping, Trade and Finance students at Cass; I was deeply motivated by the achievements of our alumni and look forward to joining their ranks.


Huimin Hu, MSc Shipping, Trade and Finance (2020)


Cass Innovate 2019: Entrepreneurial challenges put under the microscope

I attended the event Cass Innovate which took place on the 13th November 2019 at Cass Business School.

Cass Innovate is an annual conference with the purpose of discussing entrepreneurial challenges and leading research within the entrepreneurship ecosystem. These topics are, thereby, discussed with the best of both worlds by drawing from both theoretical research and practical knowledge. The edge of this event is that everyone aspiring in entrepreneurial topics can attend – you can be a student who strives for gathering the latest research in this field or a founder of an existing business who wants to discuss recent challenges with other founders.

I was one of this year’s volunteers that supported running the event, welcoming the guests and speakers in the morning, answering questions and guiding attendees to the correct panels, workshops or talks as well as looking after the smooth course during the day and of the final panel in the evening.

As an MSc Entrepreneurship student, it was an incredibly valuable experience for two main reasons:

1) Hosting an event

I learned many things in terms of event organisation and what it takes to successfully set up and run a conference this size. The organiser Aurore Hochard gave us the responsibility to organise ourselves, react flexibly to upcoming challenges and, of course, decide when to ask for help.

2) Networking

Networking and discussing the raised issues with entrepreneurs and industry experts gave me great insight from the perspective of people who have been working in the field for 20+ years, which has definitely changed my opinion on some of the topics.

Professor Scott Moeller: What should a startup do next? IPO, Acquisition or Dual Track

My perspective on the topic of a founder exit was that it was a question to deal with in the later stage of launching a company, after successfully running it for several years. However, after attending Professor Scott Moeller’s session “What should a start-up do next? IPO, Acquisition or Dual Track”, I had a conversation with him on this topic, and he said it is crucial for an entrepreneur to think about the exit even when you haven’t yet founded your company.

From my own experience, I would encourage everyone who is an (aspiring) entrepreneur or interested in these topics to keep an eye out for next year’s conference.

Fabian Ronig, MSc Entrepreneurship (2020)

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