Thank you!

Thank you for attending the 2012 Cass Business School Teaching and Learning
Colloquium: Efficient and Effective Feedback Event!
We hope your experience at the seminar was enjoyable and worth your while.
Special thanks to all the presenters and exhibitors and everyone involved in making this event a success.
We will be posting some additional resources in the coming weeks so make sure to visit our blog soon!
We enjoyed seeing you all and we are already looking forward for next year’s event.
We hope we made an impact!


Cass Teaching and Learning Team

Is the showcase suitable for me?

A couple of colleagues have asked me this recently. First of all, the showcase is about improving everyday practice, not spending a lot of time on the theory. So the main target is an academic or anyone else concerned with practical module design and delivery eg learning technologists and course office staff. Secondly, though it is  based in the business school and using several business examples, we are hoping to be joined by colleagues from any discipline (inside or outside City). And our morning keynote speaker Joe Bennett, for example, is from a Music department, but happens to have a great deal of experience with online marking which is relevant to any discipline. City University has a central showcase, where I personally have always learnt a lot from colleagues in totally different disciplines. It also has school showcases. The Arts and Social Science showcase early this year had terrific examples of imaginative or very time efficient assessment and feedback, and we are including some of that in the Cass event. Our final keynote speaker Prof Margaret Price is an international expert in assessment and will connect our local concerns with learning principles and debates nationally and internationally.

New Year, Ongoing Priorities

Our well-supported 2011 showcase was on Assessment. We make no apologies for retaining this theme for 2012 and for broadening it to cover feedback as well. Though physically based at and organised by Cass Business School, we aim to attract colleagues from the wider City University and south-eastern higher education communities.

Cass has historically been a strong supporter of the BMAF subject centre network, in particularly the Annual Conference.  With the restructuring of the Academy, the conference is now organised by the Association of Business Schools and was held last month in Manchester, still with active support. Assessment and Feedback were well featured there, and Cass (Ann Brown and Martin Rich) once again led an interactive workshop, this year on the practical aspects of introducing an innovative module. At the showcase, Martin will be making a contribution to the panel on alternative feedback methods, specifically on oral feedback.

Just to close the loop, we have received generous support from the Higher Education Academy in sponsoring this showcase, and we thank the lead for business and management, Richard Atfield for this, and of course our very own Associate Dean Wayne Holland for initiating the relationship.