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Expensive childcare turned Cheryl Luzet into a CEO
“We have come so far with promoting the world of work to women, but I feel like there is still much more to do.” Cheryl Luzet (Electronic Publishing, 2005) was recently named one of UK’s 100 most inspirational female entrepreneurs by Small Business B (More)
To be or not to be; a writer’s journey
Two-time alumna Tina Baker (Journalism, 1980 and MA Creative Writing Novels, 2017) has a two-book deal with Viper Books. Her debut novel 'Call Me Mummy' will b (More)
An exciting and fascinating journey from being a journalism student to becoming a novelist!
Helen Buckley (Journalism and Contemporary History, 2007) was a successful journalism student in City, thriving in the industry by scoring severa (More)
Cultural Appreciation
Miyuki Seguchi was born and raised in Japan. But it wasn’t until she returned after completing a Masters in Financial Journalism (2011) that she started to app (More)
Ode to a Grecian Alumna
A finalist in the 2020 British Council Alumni Awards in Greece, Sophia Peloponnissiou’s (Museum and Gallery management, 2000) contribution to art and culture is more t (More)
Lights, Camera…Podcast
Credit: Michael Shelford Sagar Radia (Media and Sociology, 2007) is no strange (More)
Film making, family, and festivals
Ishan Mahapatra (MBA, 2013) is a filmmaker whose screen adaptation of his grandfather’s story won Best Set Design at the Madrid International Film Festival this (More)
The President will see you now
Meet Saqlain Riaz (Economics, 2019), the newly appointed President of City’s Students’ Union. Whilst his top priority is of course City’s vast student community, (More)
Virtual Science
Second place prize winner Zaibaa Patel (Biomedical Engineering (MEng + PhD), 2019), tells us all about her experience of the prestigious Lindau No (More)
Celebration of Simon Emmerson's 70th birthday year!
Simon Emmerson (Music, 1983) has had a varied and fascina (More)
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