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Study visits to Ruritania?
Find out why fiction can be better than fact when designing for online role play? Ruritania is a fictional country in central Europe whic (More)
Knowledge, memories and friendship: what I cherish from my MSc Marketing Strategy and Innovation
My first exposure to the world of marketing was quite early on in my life. My father is an entrepreneur and runs an advertising and marketing agency. During my school days, I used to visit his office and observe the creative teamwork on building bran (More)
Work and study from home: how to stay productive
Remote work has become our new reality, especially in 2020. A lot of us are new to working or studying from home. It can be challenging to organise our work processes in our homes. As a Cass MSc G (More)
Top 5 Reasons I Chose the Cass Global MBA
Joining an MBA was not a snap decision. I've been thinking about it for a number of years.  Obviously, I wanted to be associated with a programme that stood out in terms of quality and reputation, and that's how Cass came into my life. But there's (More)
Studying Virtually During a Pandemic: the Cass Modular Executive MBA
Selin Sefiloglu and Lingling Delicata, Cass Modular Executive MBA (2022) are the recipients of the 2020 Professional Excellence Scholarship. Selin works as a Finance Manager at (More)
The Future of Actuaries
Choosing Cass I studied pure mathematics in my undergraduate degree but was already interested pursuing a career as an actuary. I became an intern in a life insurance company as an actuary and later became a full-time employee after graduation (More)
Hold that thought: Mind Mapping with MindGenius
Understanding, organising and retaining information can be challenging. While studying and working we often need to compose and organise our written work, understand complex topics and retain information. Mindmapping can be an excellent tool to help (More)
Access to Morningstar Direct off campus
We are pleased to announce that Library Services are now able to offer remote access to Morningstar Direct (More)
Copyright and Online Teaching
The following information about copyright has been compiled by Library Services to assist academic staff in preparing online material for students. Copyright Guide: City has a Copyright Guide. The (More)
Building a bridge to my future career: My Full-time MBA journey at Cass
An MBA programme is like a bridge that connects yourself from yesterday to your future self. Crossing this bridge is a journey. You unearth your skills of detecting problems and delivering compatible solutions by learning and practising mechanisms, m (More)
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