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Migration Made Easy
Tripti Maheshwari (Finance, 2015) recently won the ‘International alumni of the year’ award at The Pie PIEoneer Awards. Now her platform More)
Exercising Ethically
In the dawn of the paper straw and the reusable coffee cup, it’s no surprise that Gareth Evans (MBA, 2017) and his business partner Joe Lines, saw a gap in the market (More)
Summer job, or vacation?
Thank you for reading my blog and following along on my journey at City so far! As usual, I’m going to begin by emphasising the subjectivity of this post. Everyone is different, and this post is just "my two cents" on how you can spend your summer as (More)
Library Services' Autumn Specials
This autumn Library Services will host a series of drop-in sessions and workshops at the Northampton Square and Cass Libraries. These sessions form our < (More)
Introducing World-Check Country Risk Ranking
The database World-Check Country Risk Ranking from Thomson Reuters is now available for use inside the library. What does it do? World-Check Country Risk Ranking provides a current ranking of countries based on political, economic and criminal fact (More)
Tips to prepare and survive through EXAMS!
An exam is probably the most dreaded thing for students! Below, I've shared some of my tips for how to prepare for and survive your exams: Plan and organise: the most important tip has to be to plan and organise your studies. Definitely make a t (More)
Places to visit in London
London is without a doubt my favourite city in the world. Its heritage and diversity make it an amazing place for students, with so much to do and explore. Below, I have listed some of my favourite tourist hot-spots in London! Buckingham Palace (More)
Top tips for living away from home/dealing with homesickness
Everybody is different and not everyone will necessarily be “homesick” while they are studying abroad. However, at one point or another I believe all international students end up missing something about home. This blog post focuses on what you ca (More)
Copyright training with a difference!
Copyright: the Card Game This session provides guidance in an innovative, interactive and fun way, to becoming more confident about copyright, and copying and re-using resources in the context of teaching. It is a team game which has been widely p (More)
Your top 10 most borrowed books also available online
Print books are great, but sometimes they can be incredibly popular- so what can you do if the title you want is in high demand? One option is to access the book digitally. We have access to thousands of (More)
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