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Learning design and the Course Design Sprint Framework
On 16th November, the M25 L (More)
Educational Escape Rooms
At the LEaD away day this summer, we were introduced to the idea of gamifying teaching and learning. The Educational Technology team was inspired to bring aspects of gamification into our training sessions. This resulted in the Get Your Moodle Fix(ed (More)
City Learning & Teaching Forum - Student Wellbeing
As part of the LEaD series of Learning and Teaching Fora , the City Students' U (More)
"What do you know about pedagogy? You're a technologist!"
Those were the words I recall with dread from the very first SEDA conference I attended, so I was more than a little nervous to be returning to SEDA over ten years later, especially as I was due to present a session on the More)
My First ALT Conference
Personal Reflection on my first ALT Conference:

Why did I start blogging? Present Absence
[caption id="attachment_11989" align="alignleft" width="225"] São Paulo, Av. Indianópolis 16:06 16/04/2007 (CC by Dan Sansome)[/caption (More)
User Experience conference - User Research
On 28 June I attended a workshop on User Research as part of the User Experience conference organised by the Bloomsbury Learning Environment and University of London. In the More)
Teaching Copyright Literacy and Open Practice in Uruguay
In this post I will share some thoughts following my visit to Montevideo in Uruguay, which took place from 18th-27th August 2018. I w (More)
Principal Fellows of the HEA London Area Meeting - July 2018 - Academic Promotions
[caption id="attachment_11745" align="alignleft" width="300"] Members attending the event (Photo credit: Dr. Sally Everett).

  Princip (More)
Educational Technology Workshops
Educational Technology Workshops The Educational Technology routine training pr (More)
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