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When I was younger I always thought that university was this big, scary place, where really intelligent people go. So when I stop to think about what I'm doing with my life I sometimes feel surprised that I'm doing a postgraduate degree. DITA in part (More)
API's and Tweet archiving
API (Application programme interfaces) allow users and professionals to make different applications interact with each other. For example, during my undergraduate degree at Sheffield, as part of a module, I created my own API using Google maps and Go (More)
Information Architecture
When we come across unfamiliar websites, we often make a judgement about how reliable the information on the website is. This judgement can be made based on the authors of the website, the sources referenced, and more often than not, how the website (More)
Hello world, I’m Denisha!
My Denisha K. I am 22 years and study Information Science at City University. I did my undergraduate degree in Informatics at the University of Sheffield, which led to my interest in information, its uses and its impact on people’s lives. Some of the (More)
Web 2.0 and University Life
  Within today's world we are overwhelmed with knowledge, from all aspects of our life, from explaining the best way to peel a boiled egg to complex writings (More)
Makerspaces or Hackerspaces are not just restricted to one environment or place, we are finding them pop up in schools, universities, public libraries and community areas all over the world. I personally enjoyed all of the DITA sessions that I atten (More)
Open to Open Access
“Open access (OA) literature is digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions.” (Suber, 2012) Not being fully immersed in the world of open access (OA) within my day to day life, I was lucky enough to have ha (More)
Libraries 2.0
    What a better way to finish our lectures in DITA than with a reflexion of what's to come for libraries and librarians. The whole point of t (More)
Makerspace & Fab Lab : “How to Make (Almost) Anything.”
In the last session of DITA, we have experienced the MakerSpace. Honestly, I didn't know what it is. Maker spaces are designed to “democratize the act of making something from scratch” (Cavalcanti, 2013) But during this class with guest lecturer, < (More)
The Semantic Web Technology
The Semantic Web Technology It is not that LIS professionals or those who work as Librarians would use semantic web tools in their day-to-day duties, but it is a digital technology that necessary to be understood like several other digital technol (More)
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