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CityLIS at BL Labs Symposium 2018
On November 12th, all CityLIS students taking classes on Mondays (i.e. full-time and part-time year 1) will attend the More)
Parables of Care at The 2nd International Amsterdam Comics Conference
  On Saturday 17th November Simo (More)
Parables of Care at The First USW Cardiff: Comics Symposium- Creating Comics, Creative Comics
Creating Comics, Creative (More)
"Humanitarian Journalism Today" Event
On October 15, the Humanitarian News Research Network hosted the "Humanitarian Journalism Today" event, launching a major new report based on four years of rese (More)
How can refugee stories be told in the theatre? Dr Glenda Cooper on using drama to explore humanitarian issues
Where was I when demolition started in the Jungle camp outside Calais housing 8,000 refugees? Well, I was perched on the edge, sipping a glass of wine. What should I have done? By Glenda Cooper Of course rather than actually being in France, I (More)
"Humanitarian Journalism Today" - Event at City, University of London
Sign up for our event launching a major new report based on four years of research on how the media report on humanitarian issues. (More)
Freshers' Weeks: the most important 20 days!
The period from 14th September to 4th October, also known as "Freshers", can be anything but peaceful. These days are for you to be re-programmed! You are not at home anymore, the weather is different, the food does not taste the same, you are surrou (More)
Congratulations Louise!
A big congratulations to our very own Louise Wessen on her recent marriage.  Despite being super busy preparing for our go-live of SEAM and Personalis (More)
Welfare and climate change events in September
Analysis of the most recent round of European Social Survey (ESS) data will be showcased at two events being held in Brussels next month. Results from questions on the welfare state as well as on climate change and energy - fielded in Round 8 (2 (More)
Highlights from Bloomberg in Education Symposium - 20th July 2018
On Friday 20th of July, I visited the Bloomberg Headquarters in London for my second Bloomberg in Education symposium. The day-long event was attended mostly by academics, but there were also a few familiar faces from the Business Librarians Associat (More)
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