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Celebrity authors, humanitarian narratives, and the role of literature in world crises
A recent research article looks at the role of literature in raising awareness of world crises. We summarise its key findings. By Carolina Are From 2008 to 2010, MSF sent eight well-known Spanish-speaking authors to cover forgotten conflicts acro (More)
How Do NGOs Attract News Coverage in a Digital News Landscape?
Guest Post by Ruth Moon How do NGOs work to attract news coverage in a shifting and increasingly digitally enabled news landscape? That is the question that motivated my research, More)
5 Humanitarian Newsletters You Should Sign Up For
Following the success of our summer post recommending the top 20 humanitarian Twitter accounts to follow, we asked (More)
Q&A on Digital Humanitarians with Researcher Wendy Norris
New technologies have enabled virtual volunteers to collect and share situational information during natural and human-caused disasters. We spoke to Wendy Norris, author of the paper Digital Humanitarians - Citizen journalists on the virtual front li (More)
Tinder Humanitarianism Q&A with Corinne Lysandra Mason
On popular dating apps like Tinder, users often post pictures of themselves “do-gooding” in Third World scenarios hoping for more matches. Researchers have begun studying these “Tinder humanitarians”, and the issues that this self-presentation can ra (More)
“Safety Culture” in Human Rights Journalism
Guest Editorial by Dr. Lindsay Palmer, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Human rights reporting is a notoriously dangerous profession. Because human rights journalists cover the extreme side of human su (More)
Biometrics in the humanitarian sector: a threat or an opportunity?
A new report by data non-profit organisation The Engine Room for Oxfam takes a stand against the u (More)
Public perceptions on donating to humanitarian causes
What influences our decisions to donate to humanitarian aid campaigns? Birkbeck University's Professor Irene Bruna Seu examines public perceptions of aid recipients and of the use of children in humanitarian communications.  By Carolina Are The (More)
Q&A on NGOs and journalism with Kate Wright
On June 27th, the Humanitarian News Research Network (HNRN) will be hosting Kate Wright's book launch. Who's Reporting Africa Now? Non-Governmental Organ (More)
Digital humanitarians: a new source for crisis reporting?
Guest post by Dr Dmitry Chernobrov, Department of Journalism Studies, University of Sheffield Digital technologies and big data are rapidly (More)
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