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Students lead the way in achieving the Global Goals
On Thursday 27 February City hosted the second London Student Sustainability Conference: an opportunity for students all over London to present their work which inspires positive impact in the world and links to one (or more) of the the More)
We Have Moved!
Check out our new website for the latest research on humanitarian communications:   (More)
City commits to going net zero carbon by 2040
Since 2005/06 we have reduced our carbon emissions by 53%, but this is no longer enough. We recognise the increasing gravity of the climate (More)
South Sudan’s Media Authority is no friend of courageous journalism
Guest Post by Richard Stupart, PhD Candidate at the London School of Economics and Politics. The views in this article do not necessarily reflect those of the HNRN or City, University of London. Richard Stupart went to South Sudan to research jour (More)
New research on the BBC's relationship with charitable causes by the HNRN's Dr. Suzanne Franks
Dr. Suzanne Franks recently published an article titled 'Please send us your money': the BBC's evolving relationsh (More)
Students: how can you support the UN Global Goals?
City, University of London is taking action to embed the 17 UN Global Goals into our education, research, leadership, operations and engagement activities. But what are those Goals, and how can you take action to support them too? The Global Goals (More)
Can 'humanitarian humour' and satire improve the images that volunteer-tourists upload on social media?
A new research article by Kaylan C. Schwarz and Lisa Ann Richey in New Media & Society looks at how volunteer tourism is portrayed and policed in an (More)
Local News “Fixers” and Humanitarian Journalism
Guest Editorial By Lindsay Palmer When foreign correspondents began flooding into Greece to cover the influx of refugees arriving there from Turkey (More)
Is Australia's Print Media Supporting a Moral Panic About Migrants?
A research article by David Eades looks at whether Australia's newspaper coverage of the migrant crisis is contributing to a moral panic about immigration and refugees. We summarise the article's main findings below. By Carolina Are [caption id (More)
Special Issue 'Refugee Socialities and the Media' Looks At Media Practices, Community and Representations of the European Refugee Crisis
A special issue of the The International Journal of Media and Culture titled 'Refugee Socialities and the Media' looks at diverse media and communicative practices about the European refugee crisis -  and the relationships and communities they can cr (More)
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