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Why Designers Should Study an MBA
“If you’re not getting outside of your comfort zone, then you’re not growing” -  Chad E. Foster Full-time MBA: Class of 2021 From design school to business studies Aft (More)
Integration Week: An MBA Sprint
It’s been about three weeks since our cohort’s first integration week, as such I’m beginning to feel emotionally prepared to put the experience onto paper.  What is integration week? As the name implies, it integrates your knowledge. The purpose o (More)
Choosing the Full-time MBA: Follow your gut instinct
Choosing the right business school for you Selecting a business school can be a very confusing process. There are hundreds within the UK and thousands globally. The top schools will teach you marketing, accounting, HR, entrepreneurship and offer (More)
Building a bridge to my future career: My Full-time MBA journey at Cass
An MBA programme is like a bridge that connects yourself from yesterday to your future self. Crossing this bridge is a journey. You unearth your skills of detecting problems and delivering compatible solutions by learning and practising mechanisms, m (More)
Jump into London's fintech ecosystem with Cass
We have an incredible opportunity to be studying here in London, the financial technology (fintech) capital of the world. Located right in center city, Cass neighbors some of the fastest-growing fintech startups in the market. Our fintech society is (More)
Full-time MBA integration week - Block I
86 people. 14 companies. 4 days. 1 final showdown. What does that line get you thinking? Analysis? Time? Game? Research? Competition? Tension? Whatever you are thinking, you are right. That represents the stats of our integration week. Block I (More)
A friend of mine and I were having coffee. She was about to quit her job and was sharing her story: “The Vice President of the company has done a lot for me. I was out of a job and out of hope when he approached his senior management and created a (More)
Visualise, Hear, Feel
Ever heard of the 60-30-10 rule? No, I am not talking of the classic décor rule. I am talking about the Harvey Coleman model. According to Harvey Coleman model, performance is just 10% when it comes to career success. Pretty disappointing, isn’t i (More)
Real-World Consultancy and Expert Insights
Studying an MBA is a big decision and a huge investment. The reasons for doing an MBA are varied, but I have found one common thread: the desire to build a successful career! Prior to starting the degree, I was working in insurance in India, primaril (More)
International Consultancy Week: Discovering Dublin
Dublin International Week As the end of the Full-Time MBA programme approaches, my cohort and I visited Dublin for a week-long consultancy project. International Consultancy Week gives MBA students the opportunity to apply the academic theory we l (More)
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