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“She was perfect, a beautiful baby girl... only sleeping”: Stillbirth and PTSD in the era of DSM-5
by Elizabeth Ford, Research Fellow, Brighton & Sussex Medical School. Parents anticipate the arrival (More)
“I wasn’t meant to give birth that early”: Posttraumatic stress and preterm birth
By Dr Alexandra Sawyer, University of Sussex The preterm birth rate for live births ranges from about 5% to 10% in Europe (Euro-Peristat Project, 2013). Preterm birth is the most important determinant of (More)
Perinatal mental health in low income countries
Less than 40% of women worldwide receive postnatal care (WHO, 2010), leaving large numbers of women potentially at risk of suffering undiagnosed and un (More)
The first few months
Welcome to our latest blog.  It is five months since the International Network for Perinatal PTSD published its first blog.  At that time, the Network comprised a small group of interested parties and a web-site.  Today, we have 76 subscribers, a twi (More)
2013 research update
By Sue Thompson, Research Fellow, City University London Research on PTSD in pregnancy and after birth is increasing and new studies are being published all the time.  This year, several new studies focusing on risk factors for PTSD have been publis (More)
“I’m much stronger than I thought” - Posttraumatic growth following childbirth
by Alexandra Sawyer, Research Fellow, University of Sussex There are many examples in religion, philosophy, and literature of individuals who have been transformed positively by their experience and struggle with challenging and traumatic events. Ho (More)
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