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Veep, collaborative leadership and the MBA
**Warning.  This blog contains spoilers.  Read on if you’re okay with that. ** Artwork by Jin KimMore)
Collaboratively building exam model answers using Sharepoint
Elliot Freeman, Department of  Psychology With ever-increasing undergraduate student numbers, individual students can become lost in the (More)
Group presentation to prepare for individual written assessment
Ellinor Olander  from the Division of Midwifery and Radiography explains how she uses group presentations and other methods to prepare her (More)
Mock Exam Questions and case studies
Lucy Myers from the division of Language and Communication Science explains how she uses mock case studies and questions in class with group wo (More)
Cass MBAs consulting in Colombia
There’s an old adage which goes something along the lines of ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. For the past year I’ve felt a little bit like said above. Drastic life changes, meeting new people, learning things which have little relevance to o (More)
You can survive an Executive MBA. Here's how.
It was with excitement and trepidation that I started my first Modular Executive MBA weekend in April. The induction weekend the month before had given me a good taster of w (More)
Bring Your Own Lunch Webinars: Delivering Professional Development to Your Desk
LEaD Webinar Series Working in Higher Education can leave many of us pressured for time, juggling competing priorities and making it difficult to engag (More)
Through the Fishbowl - A technique for group work in City's large Learning Spaces
Have you got a group of students in a large lecture theatre but find engaging them difficult?? Teaching in a large lecture theatre doesn’t have to exclude group work and engagement. Take a look at the group work suggestions in our series of blog post (More)
Post-its, Posters and Problem-based learning in City’s Learning Spaces
Active learning in classrooms encourages students to work collaboratively and motivate each others’ learning, to clarify their understanding of course content and reflect on different peer perspectives. Take a look at the group work suggestions in ou (More)
Role Plays for Small Group Teaching in City’s New Learning Spaces
Role play is a great way of encouraging students to explore their own behaviours and those of others in a simulated way. It allows a safe and secure environment in which students can practice their attitudes and behaviours to simulations and receive (More)
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