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Comics as COVID-19 Response: Visualising the Experience of Video-conferencing with Ageing Relatives
Art by Peter Wilkins. Wilkins, Peter; Priego, Ernesto (2020): A Comic Visualising the Experience of Video-conferencing with Aging Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic. City, University of Lo (More)
I Know How This Ends: Stories of Dementia Care Out Now
Parables of Care is an international collaborative project that explores the potential of co-designed comics to enhance the impact of dementia care research led by Dr Ernesto Priego,More)
Stories of Designs Past: Narrative Design Transmedia Archaeology
[Provisional draft notes shared as a prompt for future research group discussion] My interest inMore)
Interaction Design - Natural History Museum Table Top
Group project with Bright Albert, Gillian Fatica and Mira Kostadinova Challenge: Design an interactive digital technology to enhance the experience of visitors to a museum or a gallery of your choice. Ideally, the technology should let visitors cont (More)
Designing a Digital Dosette Box
A task at each stage of Interaction Design was for designing a digital dosette box.More)
Interaction Design : Community gardeners
In order to design a digital content tool for community gardeners in a group of 4, our data gathering focused on understanding (More)
Creating Personas for Dosette Box
After considering the information we had about potential users of a digital dosette box, we created two personas. Their characteristics can be found in the following table. Primary Persona Secondary persona Busy bee (Spontaneous lifestyl (More)
Designing a Digital Dosette Box 1/2
In the tutorials of the module Interaction Design, we were challenged to create a digital dosette box in groups of 4. We came up with different ideas about how to make it easy in use and help users in the best way we could. For our first try to cr (More)
Designing a Digital Dosette Box 2/2
After some weeks we learnt more about the design process and we opened our minds to new aspects. Each week we came up with new ideas of how to make the digital dosette box even better and useful. We tried to create a more "beautiful" dosette box t (More)
New Parents Community
As part of the module Interaction Design, we were asked to create a tool in order to help a specific community to work in groups. After consideration and examination of other possibilities, as a team, we decided to create an application aiming to hel (More)
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