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Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA)
Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) aims to describe the actions people do. A representation of the HTA text and/ or diagrams can be used to show hierarchy and plans can be used to describe the order. In this example, the goal of the user is to keep tak (More)
Creating Existing User Journeys
As part of the continuous tutorial that took place every week for the creation of the digital dossete box, we created user journeys according to the information we had about different possible users. "Mrs Owen keeps the four medicines she takes ev (More)
Creating Future User Journey
Since we created our persona for the digital dosette box and we finalized the product (dosette box), we created the future user journey. (More)
Interaction Design - The Craft Collective: User Journeys
The Craft Collective is a tool that facilitates creation and curation in the community. Users create by submitting craft projects, capturing tutorial videos, and responding to craft projects with reviews and photographs of their work. Users cur (More)
Interaction Design - Digital Dosette Box
As a part of the tutorial sessions for our Interaction Design module, our goal was to design a digital dosette box. We worked in groups to tackle this task. The Challenge: Designing a new digital dosette box, focusing on its role as an external memo (More)
Interaction Design - The Craft Collective
Access the The Craft Collective - Report The Challenge: Designing a digital content tool that is tail (More)
Evaluating the Stroke Associations website
The task: This project involved planning, conducting and reporting an evaluation of the Stroke Associations’ website. This project required a range of skills from thinking critically about usability and UX to selecting and applying evaluation techni (More)
Interaction Design project at Brixton Customer Centre
The Brixton Customer Centre, situated within the London Borough of Lambeth aims to resolve resident’s enquiries regarding housing, benefits, parking permits and more. Our task within this project was to design an interactive technology to encourage L (More)
Terre Bleue redesign
While working as a freelancer for Online Heroes, an agency specialising in helping luxury fashion brands develop their online brand success, I was responsible for leading the redesign of the online Belgium fashion store More)
Conceptual Design - Sketching
What is sketching? Sketching is not about drawing. It is about design. Sketching is the rapid paper-based visualisation of high-level ideas, with the aim of capturing their simplest essence. Why do we sketch? Generate many ideas. Add in new (More)
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